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Steam Trek - Victorian Star Trek TNG

Photographer: :iconayraleona:

Models: Miss Jules H. Aetherton & Arsenal Best

Location: FaRK 2014, Reden, Germany

Compare with the original design scribble:

Female victorian TNG uniform inspired by this beautiful artwork from :iconreneedicherri:…

male version inspired by this:

Steam Trek Accessoires I made for these outfits:
- com badge
- flag officer rank pins
- officer rank pins
- science officer commander earrings

A Mk.X Steampunk Tricorder is also almost done.
WIP here:…
and here…

"Steam on and progress!"

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1/160 second
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Aug 30, 2014, 4:45:25 PM
© 2014 - 2021 Arsenal-Best
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It feels cool too. ;)

Thanks. Happy you like it! :happybounce:
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I suppose it does. :D
All my pleasure.
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aah! ich hab euch auf der fark gesehn und fand die idee (und umsetzung) da schon fantastisch! super kombination der "zwei welten" ;D
Arsenal-Best's avatar
Vielen lieben Dank! :D

Wenn auch versteckt, ist das Damen Outfit sogar ein "Triple-Crossover".
Einen Hinweis, um welche "Welt" es sich dabei handelt ist auch auf dem Foto zu finden... ;)
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Wunderschön geworden!
Arsenal-Best's avatar
Danke für das Kompliment! :happybounce:
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Ist verdient! Die Outfits sehen toll aus!
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Steampunk everything.
Brass Phaser by CaelynTek
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Nice One!
Thanks for sharing.

My own TNG Phaser is also in the making. Here you can get a very! early glimpse of it:…

The Tricorder in the picture though is near complition by now:… 
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Wow those are fantastic. Wish I had the tools and the time to make those kind of props. (living in condo limits my workspace possibilities)
Arsenal-Best's avatar
Thank you very much. Glad you lik'em.

:D That's no excuse.
I live in a flat as well, have no separate workroom either (just a miniature workbench as extension for my desk I built myself) and my main tools are a fretsaw, a minidrill with different bits for drilling, cutting, sanding etc., a simple soldering iron and some other household tools like files, hammer, scalpell etc. and of course most important: the vacuum-cleaner to eliminate the mess one made at the end of the day.
For an example here you see, what I used (and still do) to carve pictures into leather… and a close-up of the finished work…
Sure, with specialized tools much is easier, but if one can't afford them all or have the room for them, there's still always a way around to realize your projects.

So you can do it too! ;)

Of course for the lack of time, I myself too haven't found a solution yet. :(
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I don't know, the metal work seems like you'd need more than just a few hand tools. Plus, doesn't brazing make for some terrible fumes? No way I'd get away with that unless my wife was out of town for a few days. :)
Arsenal-Best's avatar
Hm, new wife?
:D Just kidding.

Concerning tools, not really. I mostly use 0,5mm brass sheet which can be cut with a handfretsaw (sometimes even better with a scissor). I rarely braze (though I own a soldering lamp by now too). The only soldering I usually do, is wiring LEDs and stuff.
The Phaser WIP is simply the beauty of propmaking, if you started from movieprops: it only has to look the real deal!
It's completly made from plastic, simply with a convencing shiny paintjob.
I know, some steampunks are purists and only use real materials, but though I like to work with specific materials, even sometimes choose them according to the theme (i.E. only african wood for the shaft of a Safari blunderbuss), achieving the same result with easier to work materials, saves time for those many other projects that want to be realized as well.
brilliantly executed...
Arsenal-Best's avatar
Thank you! :)
Always striving to achieve a high quality.
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I love it! :D Very nicely done.
Arsenal-Best's avatar
Glad you do. :happybounce:
Me too. ;)
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Delightfully well done.
Arsenal-Best's avatar
Dear Sir,
thank you very much for your compliment.
It's very much appreciated. :woohoo:
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Dear gods that is clever and amazing. Viel spass und sehr toll.
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