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Escher Dreaming of Cthulhu

For the sake of the new age whatevers, pagan folk metal bands and Cthulhu, here it comes a new red epic nightmare.
As One Escher's triangle wasn't challenging enough I went for three of them :3 Twisted, joined, sick. Yeah, let's add
some lightnings as well, I thought then! xD
This is actually a 3D project, done in 3D Max. I agree 70% is retouch, but still. 3D provided the basic shapes (crossed
penrose triangles) and the masks, depth passes, reflections to make the retouch possible and smart.
A huge thanks goes to the DA community for the brushes I used in this project. If you spot one of your brushes here
consider yourself hugged.
Since I have no idea what this deviation represents you are very welcome to suggest^^
If for any reason you want to print it I have a 5000px wide copy.
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So it's not a Xmas tree?
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No, cutie :3 Is a coincidence tree.
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nicely done:)..i like this optic illusion:P
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Ahah thank you!
Argh!!! Is not an illusion xD Is real 3D!
I knew the wireframe had to be appended.
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i know its 3d, i mean optical illusion:) you know, its going in weird directions and so on:P
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I'm not sure that it was intended, but it looks like a christmas tree :D
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xDDDDD Indeed..but I'm in a quiet dramatic mood these days so let's go with Cthulhu instead ^,..,^
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