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Submission Rules

Ars-Fatalis is dedicated to art featuring prehistoric predatory mammals and proto-mammals.


1. No dinosaurs! Dinosaurs are awesome and we love them, but this group is for mammals and their mammal-like reptilian ancestors (like Dimetrodon, Lycaenops, Cynognathus, etc).

2. No herbivores! It's fine to have herbivores in a picture, but the focus of the piece should be a carnivore or an omnivore reasonably assumed to enjoy a meaty snack (for example the entelodonts).

3. No modern mammals! The subject should be prehistoric or at least extinct (such as thylacines).

4. Original work only. No screencaps, no images you googled, and no traces of of other artist's work.

5. Art should be your best work. Sketches on notebook or graph paper, poor quality scans, cell phone photos, and other low-quality images will be rejected.

6. No creationism - this group is not interested in mythology and politics.




Hey submitters, please take note there's new folders in the gallery! The idea is to give popular creatures their own folders so they don't overshadow less-represented species in general folders.

KILLER SMILE is for sabertoothed felines and their near relatives - Smilodon, Homotherium, Nimravis, and so on. NO felines with regular tooth arrangements (such as cave lions).

MALEVOLENT MARSUPIALS is for creatures like the thylacine, Thlacoleo, and Thylacosmilus.

HELLPIGS AND HOOFED HORRORS is for Andrewsarchus and entelodonts.

Any sort of unrealistic depiction of animals - fursonas, anthros, cartoon, heavily stylized, imaginary species and so on - please submit to STYLIZED AND FANTASY.

All crafts (anything that has to be photographed) go in ARTISAN CRAFT AND PHOTOGRAPHY.

Don't submit to FEATURED!

Also, be aware I do have a quality criteria. Some reasons I might decline a submission include:

- art that doesn't fit the group theme - extinct carnivorous (or carnivore-leaning omnivores), mammals and the ancestors. No herbivores, no dinosaurs or other creatures, no modern animals.
- art that is excessively scribbly, drawn on notebook or graph paper, or generally half-assed
- poor photographs (blurry, grainy, badly lit, etc.) or photos of artwork showing the table/drawing implements/remains of the artist's lunch
- art that doesn't belong to the submitter - screenshots, art you saved from other sites, art made with a generator or colored line art (original line art is fine) and generally stolen artwork
- furry art with pornographic/mature themes
- art submitted to the wrong folder
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