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Name: Tyrone Ivanov A.K.A реванш (Revenge in English)

Type: Hero, Anti-Hero

Backstory: Tyrone was a normal Russian guy, with a job as a scientist in a small company. He had a wife and a kid, one day some investors from the other side of the world (USA) wanted to buy the company he was working on. The company was secretly running some tests to enhance people and make them superhumans, but everything was a failure and the tests were just killing people instead of enhancing them. 

Tyrone as an innate curious person started to hear rumors about the tests and decided to investigate further, he found out that the "investors" were just powerful people willing to do anything to bring the project down and steal it for their own porpoises. Tyrone could not just accept that, so he tried to destroy everything to avoid it falling in the wrong hands. During the process of destroying it, a sample of the radioactive substance breaks, hitting him and nearly killing him. When the "investors" found out what he did, they kidnapped him just to murder his family in front of him. Oddly, the substance didn't kill him and instead of succumbing to the radiation, he learned to gain strength from it and be able to use it at will. 

After everything happened he traveled to America to have his revenge, and he realized that he could put those powers at good use. Fighting to end with corruption and criminals, despite his looks, he is no villain since he promised not to hurt innocent people. In the other hand he does not follow the rules of morality like a normal hero does, so we can call him a sort of anti-hero, helping people but without limitations.

I had a great time working on this one! I'm a big fan of the trilogy so I wanted to give this a shot.

If you want to take a look at some close-ups, feel free to check them on my website:…
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This is amazing work!! :w00t!:

Your character sounds so cool!! =D
ArrtMan's avatar
Thank you very much! :D
KehXKeova's avatar
You're welcome!! :hug:
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very sinister picture, I can tell you put a lot into this character
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I did! It was an amazing experience working with a created character. It was really fun thinking about his story, how he would look, his powers, everything. I appreciate you could see the amount of work I put on this one :D
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This is great, I love the blurry face of the man on the bottom. Great atmosphere all around!
ArrtMan's avatar
Thank you!, and yeah I was trying a kind of "melting" effect :D
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You can really feel the power emitting from the heroes hand, this is a great piece and I hope you do well in the contest!
ArrtMan's avatar
Thank you so much! I appreciate your kind words :)
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Your welcome :)
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