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Whimsical Moments

MAN! I thought I was NEVER going to get this one done. LOL. My PC must have blue screened me over a dozen times while doing it. At least a dozen times.

I don't have much time to type and babble on about it, but I'd like to give a big shout of thanks to ~ZeTravellingBeaver for letting me use her beach photo in this. She gave me inspiration, and I titled it after one of the words I hear most from her: Whimsical.

The horse was frustrating, but fun. *Olympic-Ferro provided great base stock (as she always does), and from there I altered a little. ~boxofpeaches is whom this pic is intended for, and her char was a red dun, barred legs, two front stockings, and preferred to have a wind-whipped mane and tail. I did the best i could. The barred legs and two front socks were painted on, as well as a back sock that was covered up. Mane and tail painted in too, obviously, but I'm not very pleased with how they came out.

Then again, I'm not very pleased with the entirety of this image, but it was coming down to the point where I needed to be done with it before I completely burned myself out.

Time put in: A ton. Most of it was redoing what I had lost when my PC blue screened. Over 40 hours - pathetic, huh?

I hope you like it, ~boxofpeaches and ~ZeTravellingBeaver!! :heart: :love:

CLOSEUPS: [link]



Horse: *Olympic-Ferro [link]
Beach: Zee TravellingBeaver - Used with permission (DA account: ~ZeTravellingBeaver )
Sky: *night-fate-stock
Sky: ~AthenaStock
Doves: ~rewston-stock

My work is not available for redistribution, alteration, or any other form of 'lifting' without my express written consent. No, you may not use my image for your RPG without asking. No, you may not use my image in you blog without asking. Just note me. PLEASE. Just note me and ask.
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Did you draw the tail?
bugie158's avatar
Wow! Amazing!
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WOW! esa es la imagen mas hermosa que e visto en mis 12 años de vida
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It's beautiful! I love your mane and tail, and the colors are fantastic! So surreal... *sighs*
ANIMALGIRL1869's avatar
awwww soo pretty..relaxing
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This is absolutely gorgeous. <3
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How do you make your images all smooth-like? It looks so good, maybe you should make a tutorial on that next...(hint hint nudge nudge wink wink). Anyway, it looks fantastic, definitely one of your best images.
Awesome, gorgeous, wow, I love your horses you really now how to make them look so real.
Hugs Cindy
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my. gawd.

now this is the type of thing we should definitely be seeing at the top of spiffy. amazing. I told you your art was good, the little images don't do it justice enough! WHY did I not hear of you until the world buttons thing?

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Because I'm like the ninja! All stealthy... =P

Thank you for the kind words; Anti's making a banner for the site that I'm sure will be gorgeous, but it's nice to hear this too. :aww:
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I am speechless.
This is pure genius.
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This is absolutely amazing. The colors work so well and the mane and tail fit in perfectly.
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Pretty good ;] I Iove it ;D
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Wow, just gorgeous!
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Sounds like a lot of work, and what a magnificent result. Just beautiful :)
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... :O ... Mezmerizing!
wwhimsical's avatar
Mmm. Beautiful.
Reminds me of a birthday cake..strangly. :O
But the beautiful, airy colours are delicious. (¬¬ :disbelief:)
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I love his mane and tail :o :love:
e-aglexfeather-s's avatar
:O How did you...? What did you...?
Amamzing! :love:
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