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December 17, 2009
The suggester writes: Very Hairy - Dynamic by =arrsistable are an excellent pack of hair brushes for photoshop that dynamically paints a random series of brush strokes when dragging the cursor,which allows you to get a really natural result with a few strokes.You would not believe how useful they are until you have used them. Thank you for sharing!
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Very Hairy - Dynamic



Edit: Changed the cover of the brushes. I might edit it from time to time to update it, so let me know when you show me the picture (on here, not my front page/in a note) if you'd like me to see about showcasing it.

What are dynamic hairy brushes?
Well, simply put, they're able to work and flow with a tablet. They'll work ok with a mouse too, but as with all things in art life, tablets pwn mice. =P

:bulletblue: Play with them, don't just stamp. These are not designed for stamping and tralalaing - they're working brushes, ready to go with whatever you want.
:bulletblue: Don't take sharp angles. Still working on how to get them to bend well with that... expect a pack #2 at some point with this problem solved.
:bulletblue: Play with the brush settings. Some brushes are identical to another - its the settings that make all the difference.
:bulletblue: Keep a natural hair flow when creating manes/tails/hair of any sort! Think of wind currents; zoom out to view the picture as a whole before zooming in to create hair.
:bulletblue: Use a light hand with them!
:bulletblue: Don't forget to use the individual brushes at the end to help "refine" the hair.

Now, I've never used these brushes - as with all my hairy brushes save for the ones used to create them - so I can't honestly say I really know how it'll turn out. Hopefully, though, it'll work out alright.

Brush preview picture is compiled from people who have used the brushes. Please visit their pages for more artworks. </u>

Do not claim as your own.

Other than that, go buck wild. Full permission granted for commercial work and prints. :heart:

v.2 Dynamic Hairy Brushes:
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I barely (if at all) understand what DeviantArt is about, and I came here looking for some help making a self-taught painting, in Photoshop, of my dog. 

You must be some kind of very special human, not only for your passion for beauty and dignity, but also for the very touching generosity involved in sharing brushes, which I haven't learned to make but which must be very involved and time-consuming.

At a time in our history when there's so much to lose faith over, it is the "brushes" with the scattered points of light--good souls, keeping faith, surviving and sharing--that maps my way through the violence and darkness.  I struggle every day to join you and glow a little, that someone else on the edge of the cold darkness might follow us to safe haven.  I like to imagine we'll be welcomed there as family, with smiles of recognition and joy at finding one another.

Well, that's my goofy magical picture of a cold, vast universe with us floating somewhere in it, and it's not very relevant, but I do want to thank you with heart, and if it helps us hang in there, then the fellowship might be a speck of encouragement.  I can't think of any other token to leave with you in gratitude.

Til we meet then!  I wonder if I can paste a picture here?  I'll try.  Minkey is my scapegoat.  I don't mind sharing him.   (No, he won't stay stuck in this box.)