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Very Hairy Brushes III

As promised, here's one of the few new brush packs I have laying around my PC.

Unrestricted stock. Do not redistribute, do not claim as your own.

Image pack included in download.

Anyone have any ideas for new IPs? I really am not sure what would be good for you guys... more long/thin strands, short/fat ones, some curly... I have no idea. Suggest! I'd rather make things that work better for you than things I *think* might do it.

Edit: Remember, stamping a brush, selecting it, then pressing CTRL+T in Photoshop will allow you to warp/manipulate/distort the brush. Don't forget to play around with it. :heart:

*makes way back to Adobe*
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Help! i can't get the brushes to show up on my photoshop C6. any ideas?
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where do i go to download these?
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used ur beautiful stcok here… .thankyou so much :love:
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Used your brushes again! Thanks!
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Used this AMAZING stock here!
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What did you name the brushes?  I am new to Photo shop and have no idea how to find them...I know how to add them to It...But i cant find them LOL......
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:wave: Hi, I used your brushes here…
Thank you! :D
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Thanks! Will only use these from now on!
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Wow wow wow !
Thanks !
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