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V.2 Dynamic Hairy Brushes



V.2 Dynamic Hairy Brushes

These, in my opinion, are superior to the original version of the hairy brushes. They flow better, blend nicer, and are all around more fun to play with. Still they work better with a tablet, but I think a light hand with a mouse could do alright too.. I don't know! I have no finesse with mouses anymore. I'm too spoiled. :(

I gotta add too, I think these would be great for people as well, not just horses. The textures are softer, not so coarse.

No image pack, sorry guys.

:bulletblue: Play with them, don't just stamp. These are not designed for stamping and tralalaing - they're working brushes, ready to go with whatever you want.
:bulletblue: Play with the brush settings, learn what works for you.
:bulletblue: Keep a natural hair flow when creating manes/tails/hair of any sort! Think of wind currents; zoom out to view the picture as a whole before zooming in to create hair.
:bulletblue: Use a light hand with them!
:bulletblue: Don't forget to use the individual brushes at the end to help "refine" the hair.

Original Dynamic Hairy Brushes:

Made with Adobe CS4. 8 Dynamic brushes and a few hard/slanted brushes that I used to create them.

Please show me what you create with them!! Just like with the original Dynamic Hairy brushes, I'll replace this brush preview picture with another featuring clips of images that used these brushes. It's great promotion for your art, free and easy to do.

This stock is (almost) RESTRICTION FREE. I have two rules only:

1. Do not redistribute.
2. Do not claim as your own - this includes not crediting me and saying, "Rest my own resources" or "Rest done by me" or the like.

Other than that, have at it! Prints, commercial, off site.. whatever you want.

Good luck with them. :)
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These packs are so good! Especially Sampled Brush 127 1, it’s great for making the hairline. Your sets are some of my favorites! 💖✨