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So after 6 years of a massive, mind-numbing art block, my muse has finally made a reappearance! :excited: I have no idea if it'll stay, but this is the first piece of art since Remember Blue Skies that has actually come easy to me. I used to make art like this all the time, and I can't begin to express how much I missed it. 

HUGE thanks to devils-horizon for the 1 month out-of-the-blue membership - that got me thinking, and after maybe ten minutes of talking to her, I was suddenly inspired.. so much so that I literally packed my entire computer and tablet up when I traveled for a few days, just because I was afraid of missing out on this art bug! Lol. 

Anyhow, hope you guys like it.. but if not, I'm still excited to have made it. ;) 


Horse (cut and remanipulated): xxmemorabilia Lash Stock
Horse eye & bridle: Megan1970 rapide
Left hind hoof: fillyrox STOCK - Equitana 2013-226
Saddle: Colourize-Stock Saddle stock 2 by Colourize-Stock
Leather straps hanging off saddle: jagged-eye Dori Warrior 1a
Man: Dewfooter Dawn call
Boot: skydancer-stock 2015-09-24 Odin Spear 02
Knife: FantasyStock Conjal's Falcon Knife Props
Bow: FantasyStock Lord of the Rings Elven Bow by FantasyStock
Cloak bottom: faestock Secret5
Background (central): cemacStockLandscape 01
Background (foreground): Colourize-Stock Landscape Stock 122
Sky: Tracie76Stock 
Bird brushes: WingsOfAHero Bird Brushes

& my own personal brushes. 

Whew - think that's it. Thank you to ALL the stock providers! :love: :love: :love:
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Omg, I love everything about this.
I haven't been on dA for a long time; created anything for even longer. I've recently been itching to try to throw something together. Coming through and going through stacks of people I watch is helping me feel inspired to do more and this is definitely one that is doing that for me.
cemacStock's avatar
Nice work :clap: thank you for using my stock and for the link back :heart:
CleverLark's avatar
YOU'RE BACK!!! I literally did a squeeee when I saw this pop up. Love love love it! The colors are completely intoxicating. Heart 
arrsistable's avatar
Omg you are the cutest thing ever! Thank you for the comment - that actually was really sweet! :love: 
fillyrox's avatar
wow! I almost fell off my chair when I saw that the Arrsistable, not only uploaded something but even used my stock (Even if it is just a hind leg)

Feeling totally awed here!

Welcome Back! and what a piece to come back with!
arrsistable's avatar
Omg your hind leg SAVED MY BACON. You have no idea how frustrated I was with the original leg, I had a mental fit so many times. :lol: I'm sorry it was such a small piece, but thank you so much for loading that pic - as soon as I swapped legs, I literally sighed. =P 

AND HI! :blowkiss: 
fillyrox's avatar
Hahahahah a stock image saved your bacon!!! I'm telling everyone that I saved Arristables bacon!!!!

I'm so very glad my stock was able to help! And I'm hoping like hell your art block has disappeared!!!

I am looking forward to many more Arristables and Devils artwork!!
the-renegade's avatar
this made me super happy to see and it's STUNNING.
arrsistable's avatar
AquiloniusLupus's avatar
Welcome back Arrsis! :D
arrsistable's avatar
Why thanks chicklette! :smooch:
Meredith1997's avatar
This is to stunning not to love
arrsistable's avatar
You're too sweet :heart:
Charlie--X's avatar
Real good job! So much patients to have all that stock in one picture.

Glad to see some new stuff from ya.
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I originally was going to have a palo arab in the picture.. and then it was just the person, no horse, then a horse next to him, but he had to be tacked and.. God it snowballed, my brain exploded. It was a mess in my head. ;) 
Charlie--X's avatar
Ive had that happen, when you're brain just can't decide what it wants! It can either lead to awesome stuff or a headache lol
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Very nice work! :)
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You're welcome! =>
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This is more than awesome!
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Fantastic assembly
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