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Christmas Wallpaper

By arrsistable
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DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE. Size: 1280x1024

Ok, you have no idea how hard I tried to come up with a title. I fail! :laughing:

Done for `jenepooh's HalloThankmas wallpaper contest! :excited: I've never entered a contest on my own accord - the only time I've placed in a contest on DA is during a club 'fav submission of '07' contest, so I don't know if that counts. :giggle:

Anyhow, wish me luck! You have no idea how much I want to win. :excited: :love:

Main deer: ~DigitalDreamersStock - [link]
Sleigh: *IWS-stock - [link]

Everything else - Background, sky, brushes, remainder of the deer (four pics total, all legs/necks/heads/ears manipulated countless times), and texture by my own personal stock. All stock images available at ~ArrsistableStock.

Hope you like it! Happy Holidays -- early! :giggle:
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© 2008 - 2021 arrsistable
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link : [link]
for contest Allmanips
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good luck. Its beautiful.
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How about calling it ..~ I Can Only Dream ~ ...I'm seeing it through the eyes of the reindeer :)...just an idea!
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I believe, yes I still do!!!!! Just magic!
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Excellent work! :thumbsup:
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This wallpaper has been featured here [link]

Thanks :dance:
For all those whom Christmas means more than Commercialism let us look at the joy of Christmas from the perspective of the Jolly Old Man St Nick..Nice pic.
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Wow this is so beautiful words can't say no more thanks for sharing
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We are happy to be featuring this deviation in our journal. [link] :peace:
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Wonderful, truly. It's now my home computer background. ^-^ I absolutely love the image and how it captures that hope of Christmas. Thank you so much for creating this peice.
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That's so cute. I totally adore it. :)
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Hey there! Just dropping by to let you know this piece has been featured in my "Wallpaper Wizardry" Journal, as of today, 11 -|- 25 -|- 08.

Thanks for making awesome art!
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You are very welcome my friend, is Scott's eyes doing any better?
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If you were talking about Josh, his eyes are doing better. :) They're pretty much done healing/fluctuating, but they're pretty good now. He'll always have issues with glare, but considering everything, he's lucky.

How are your eyes?
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Same as his, I have an issue with glare and always will but other than that, they are working pretty darn good ~waggles eye brows for effect~
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My dear,
I have been crazy for Christmas since August. I'm such a carol-junkie.
It makes me feel like it is so much closer! Plus it is well done.
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Carol-junkie! :lol:

Since my name is Carol, I grew up with people saying, "Merry Christmas CAROL! HAHAHA!"

I was never very amused. =P Though I don't think that's what you meant.
toppie-sfb's avatar
:D Yeah, actually I didn't know that your name was Carol, but that must have been really bothersome...

Last year my friend started calling me toothbrush because TB are my initials... now she can't stop. It's really embarrassing to be walking with her and she'll randomly shout out toothbrush... :O
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It's so wonderfully Christmas! It makes me feel like a kid again when everything was whimsical :)
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I miss those days! The magic of Christmas is still there, but it's warped when you get older.

Thankfully it's come back some with having kids myself. :aww:

Thank you babes! :hug:
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