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            “Big Macintosh?” the blushing lavender pegasus asked. The red pony nodded, feeling extremely uncomfortable wearing a simple bowtie instead of his normal yoke. “Okay! Your date should be along shortly! Follow me s’il vous plait!” the pegasus stepped away from the podium, leading Big Mac into the fancy restaurant.

            He looked around, his discomfort rising. There were white clothed tables with various pony couples at them, a blue glass vase holding twin red roses on every table, delicate crystal chalices filled with glittering liquid, the light from the diamond chandeliers above giving a warm, romantic light to the room, a soft flowery scent underlying the  various foods that were being served and eaten.

            At one table he saw his cousin, wearing a fancier vest and extremely nice hat sitting across from a pale blue goggle-wearing Wondercolt sharing an apple pie together. Bit surprising to see him here, but it wasn’t like any of them had a choice. The lavender pegasus might have been their host, but their invitations had been sent by Discord, it was an invitation one could not refuse. However, the table the two were heading to was not indoors. The pegasus led him out onto a balcony, the ground a mosaic in the shape of a heart made of rubies encircled by polished hematite. A single table stood at the centre of the heart, the cloth made of the softest silk with delicate lace edging it, scarcely kissing the red gems beneath it. A lone candle rested on the cable, casting a warm, intimate glow over the scene. The young mare sat him down, placing a chalice before him and filling it with icy water.

            “Your blind date should be here soon! If you need anything just call, I’ll be right here~” she trilled, sauntering off, her thick mane and tail dramatically blowing in the wind. She was pretty cute, Big Mac admitted, but she wasn’t his surprise date. He adjusted his bowtie nervously, looking out over the lake the mare’s temporary restaurant was built beside, the bright stars and crescent moon rippling calmly on the surface, disturbed by the light wind. This’ll ruin my mane, he moaned, having taken extra pains to ensure it looked absolutely perfect before he arrived, not that it looked much different than usual.

            Despite his normally calm, stoic personality, he was extremely nervous for this. Beyond a few romantic dalliances he’d never really gone on a big date, especially not a blind one. And his date could be absolutely anypony. He’d even seen Trenderhoof in the mix, sitting across from a strong, loud, blue minotaur, so who could his mysterious date be?

            He took a sip of his water, it tasted almost sweet? A hint of…rose maybe? Seemingly romantic, but yet his date hadn’t arrived. He sighed, resting his head on his hoof. Maybe this was all a big joke and he’d never find love, or even just a good date. He’d just be a big, lonely workhorse for the rest of his life.

            “And here you are!” the sing-song voice of the lavender pegasus roused him from his miserable reveries and drew his attention to his date. Even if the whole event was set up by Discord, maybe things would turn out great and he’d finally find true love? It had not worked out with Cheerilee, or any other pony he’d tried to be romantic with, maybe something a little ridiculous would work? His jaw dropped when he saw his date.

            Standing beside the large winged pegasus was a very large, powerful Unicorn, his horn sharp and curved, translating from an obsidian black to a ruby red, just like the mosaic beneath their hooves. Atop his head was a fancy, spiky circlet of silver with a translucent purple crystal set in the centre. Draped across his muscular shoulders and back was a heavy red cape trimmed in a white fur, giving him a very noble appearance.

            All of that was absolutely nothing compared to the unicorn’s face. His red eyes gazed down at Big Mac, resting above his fanged grin. His face bespoke of great nobility, great power, great evil, but at the same time Big Mac could see behind the smoky eyes of the unicorn the exact same thing that rested in his own soul. Loneliness.

            The proud unicorn was seated directly across from Big Mac, their eyes meeting. Up close the mysterious date looked even more magnificent, his eyes hypnotically alluring. The two didn’t even notice the pegasus getting a glass for date, her blush intensifying along with her giggles as she retreated, leaving them to gaze deeply into each other’s eyes.

            I have to say something, tell him how…how amazing this lordly pony was. As well as to introduce himself and find out who the other was.

            But as he opened his muzzle to speak, the same curse that stopped him from having good romantic connections with ponies came out in full effect.

            “Hay,” he managed, berating himself for how stupid he sounded. He’d wanted to say something amazing, romantic, compare the unicorn’s eyes to the reddest apple in the orchards, compliment his sleek, obsidian mane blowing both with the breeze and with some unseen power, like that of an alicorn’s. There was so much he wanted to say, but he just couldn’t. He so rarely found the ability to speak more than a word.

            “H-Haaaaaaaay,” the unicorn replied, drawing out his vowel. Big Mac’s ears perked up at the commanding voice. Maybe…He slowly moved his hoof across the table, a thrill shooting through his spine as his date matched his movement, their hooves meeting halfway across the table. A sparkle lit up in the unicorn’s eyes, the grin no longer looking somewhat intimidating but warm and genuine. They both slid away from the table, silently walking towards the edge of the balcony and sitting at the edge, dangling their hooves over the edge. The unicorn carefully rested his head on Big Mac’s shoulder, a warm foreleg wrapping around his shoulder, holding him tightly to Big Mac’s side.

            They said no words, merely enjoying the warmth and company of the other and the beautiful view before them.

            “Waaaaaarm,” the unicorn said softly, the dominant, strong tone in his voice gone, replaced instead by softness, maybe even…Big Mac could scarce believe it, having very rarely heard the tone before and never directed towards him, but it was a loving tone.
            Big Mac didn’t hesitate, he turned a little, lifting up his mysterious date’s muzzle and, heart pounding in his chest, pressing his gently against it. An eternity passed before they pulled apart, feeling somewhat dazed. The unicorn giggled softly, an unfamiliar sound to his ears. While Big Mac could still see the power and nobility in the stallion’s face, it was now hidden behind his goofy, happy grin and glowing eyes. When he looked into them he no longer saw loneliness, nor did he feel it in his own soul.

            “Cutie,” he said before pulling the unicorn into another deeper kiss, enjoying the warmth of the unicorn he held tightly to him, wanting nothing more than to be with him forever in that moment.

An MLP ShipFic thanks to :iconknadow-the-hechidna: for the EQD Valentine's Day Shipping Special! Woo!
Summary: Discord sends invitations to various Ponies for Blind Dates. Attendence is, obviously, mandatory. Big Mac receives an invitation and has a Blind Date, woo!

I know I never mention by name in story, but if I failed to make it clear enough the Unicorn is King Sombra. Lavender Pegasus is my Horsona, Alby Roo, although that's near irrelevant.

I enjoy writing silly little things like this, so if ANYONE actually reads this, you can request me write a silly little ship fur you. I might do it, might not, but no harm in trying, eh?

Link to the EQD Page:…
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What? XD That was amazing. I definitely did not expect THAT for his blind date! And the reason why you shipped them is hilarious! I love this. :D
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It is a bit silly of an idea, but I think they're a cute pairing ^w^ Much Happy you Enjoyed it~!
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Not a bad little story, you might want to fix "A lone candle rested on the cable" though. :)
ArrogantKitsune's avatar
XD Oh, thanks fur pointing that out! Glad you liked it :D