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AE36-t by arrog
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by Nieris

I had to go back and look at the Backpack of angry thoughts with apathy, to see the difference. I like this series. I think the man's e...



1917 Workshop Receipts v4
Download button is in the upper right of your screen close to the favorites button.
Look for more like this in the Kewl Books album in my Gallery.…


Books on practical mechanics from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.  Practical books to teach the basics.
"The Book of War, the Military Classic of the Far East" translated from the Chinese by Captain E.F. Calthrop R.F.A.  Published by John Murray in 1908.…

"Written in the fifth century B.C., Suntzu and Wutzu still remain the most celebrated works on war in the literature of China. While the chariot has gone, and weapons have changed, these ancient masters have held their own, since they deal chiefly with the fundamental principles of war, with the influence of politics and human nature on military operations; and they show in a most striking way how unchanging these principles are."

"Sun and Wu are perhaps held in even greater reverence in Japan than in China, where war is looked upon as a troublesome phase in national life, and victory in battle is not considered the greatest achievement of a state. Far otherwise is it in Japan; and successive generations of her soldiers have been brought up on Sun and Wu. Like other arts, mystery was formerly supposed to surround the art of war, a belief that was encouraged by the strategist; and for a considerable time, the few copies of this book, that were brought over from China to Japan, were jealously guarded by their possessors. Later, as they became known, an army of Japanese commentators arose — for Chinese literature is thought compressed, to be unfolded in the mind of the reader."

Look for more like this in the Fractalish album in my gallery.…

These are fractals made in Apophysis and modified in Paint Shop Pro.  It is fun to play around and see what you get.  It is sort of exploration, because you never quite know ahead of time what will come out.  This is a microscopically small sample of stuff.  Most of these are single frames from videos I have uploaded to Youtube.

These are art, you should read about the Fractal videos of unmodified fractals in my journal here:…

These "Marvelous, Mysterious, Magical, Medicinal, Musical Mellows" could really be a good thing if you try them out.
Scenes done Bryce 5.5.  This is, I think, the earlier free version of the program. Look for more like this in the Bryce Landscapes album in my gallery.…
The English Enchiridion

This is not THE Enchiridion of Epictetus.  It is a collection of sayings, etc. composed by John Feltham in 1799.  It is available in PDF and EPUB from Google Books.
Science this Week

Fun…  Plants emit light during photosynthesis.…  Backbones in evolution.…  More birds in the Jurassic.…  Fossils in amber from 99 million years ago.…  Cooking 120,000 years ago.…  Comparing data on humans and the environment through time.…  Mathematical structure in savannah tree distribution.…  Spelunking 14,000 years ago.…  DNA from prehistoric chewing gum in Scandinavia.…  Fish farming in Bolivia 1,000 years ago.…  Mistaking peccarys for pigs in early Barbados.…  Beneath the surface of the Moon.…  The Moon is shrinking.…  Looking for life on Mars.…  Water vapor in the Martian atmosphere.…  A closer look at a Kuiper Belt Object.…  Surviving the death of a star.…  When galaxies collide.

Cataclysm and Catastrophe…  How endangered is a species?…  Antarctic ice.…  Fallout from Hiroshima.  

Business…  Improving ecommerce for small players.…  Weaknesses in blockchain due to tendency to centralization.…  Military education spending helps the economy.…  Do pirated copies of movies hurt or help sales?…  AI to predict crop yields.

Medicine…  Complementary gene inhibition effects in fighting cancer.

Robotics and AI…  New AI can analyze its surroundings with less data.…  How the brain senses walls.…  Open access data set for multiple microphone arrays.…  AI that can learn new tasks without losing skill in older tasks.…  AIs and dark matter.

Science…  Modeling scientific research strategies.  IMO If something is not reproducible, it is not very useful.  Truth that cannot be reproduced for engineering purposes is pretty useless.  It cannot serve as a guide for future action.…  New library of chemical reaction data.

Tech and Materials Science.…  Making photons for quantum computers.…  Reshuffling skyrmions.


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