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:worship: remake

Remake of the official dA :worship: emote - :worship:, made by


for more info check this [link]
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Coolest worship emote ever!!! You can see the reverence and obedience in its entire squishee self!!!
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Superb! I like how it appears to be kneeling/ crouching. :)
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Thanks man. Isn't it logic, to be on his knees? :D
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:worship: is horrible (no offence to anyone) I mean whats with the hands :O and he looks waay too happy to be worshiping some greater power, where is the respect and devotion? I know i'm probably saying things everyone else has said a million times before... but i've been kindof out of the loop on the remaking, so please forgive :aww:

He reminds me of an orange :drool:

I love it! -anything that reminds me of my favorite fruit is wonderful :D-

Great job :clap:
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Yes, the old one does look crappy, one of the worst emotes on dA, although due to it's meaning it's used alot, so it needs a good replacement.. I'm glad you like it! Orange is so kewl :nirvana:
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Seriously I think your worship emote suggestion is the best one so far.
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Thank you, i'm glad you think that! :glomp:
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cool :D
dont you think it would be nice if he had
his mouth open like saying "save oh master arrioch" or something haha dunno i just use to say that when i make a worship =P
arrioch's avatar
iono, haven't thought about that, it can be a nice touch, i'll see how it will look :D
thanks ;)
jeruki's avatar
thanks to you for taking my advices in count :hug:
i know i can be annoying sometimes lol
my comments are always like "<good comment>, but ....<critique>" :giggle:
arrioch's avatar
you're not annoying, i respect every constructive comment that might help me improve in any way.. you, *tsemalon, *Redandwhite and some other people give very nice comments.. Thanks!!! :D
jeruki's avatar
anytime buddy ;)
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now i definitely like this better than the old one cuz...the old one doesn't really look like it's worshiping...i mean look at the face:worship:
arrioch's avatar
yeah, but apparently dA needs an emote with that kind of face, and not really worshiping, or w/e.. :(
MissM69's avatar
oh yes take it off baby :p

Gomotes's avatar
really like the little detials you added in this emote good work as always :)
arrioch's avatar
thanks man :highfive:
but, apparently, it's not what the wanted..
Gomotes's avatar
:( but anyway it's a very good emote and you can it use in your journal or other can use it very often because it's so nice :)
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