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:winner: remake

anyway, again.. remake of official dA :winner: emote :winner:, made by ~felipin-sioux..

for more info check this Journal
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How bout this -->Clap :winner: remake 
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Victory for Netherlands tonight in world cup soccer !
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Way better than the original. :clap:
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This is amazing, am using it on my club in our Journal with a link back to you, have also added to our :+fav:
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Ta-Da! Nice job.
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yours looks happier and stuff... i like it much more :nod:
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Sparkly!! *gurlges*
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... you make the best Emoticons :)
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why, thank you :bow:
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yours looks happier, which is not a bad change :)
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thanks :D that's the main reason why i disliked the old one.. :)
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then you succeeded :boogie:
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Mmmm, sparkles. :D
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ovaj je ljepši od starog hehe
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I really like your remakes. Very cool. :)

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thanks man, i'm glad you do :D
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i like how the trophy is shining :)
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thanks :D basically, that's the only change, except the grin, of course..
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