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:trash: remake

By arrioch
:trash:, revamped..
Original :trash: by `hprince329
I used the same flies as in :dead: remake..
I know.. I'm lazy.. :roll:
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A thought out interpretation of half of the submissions on this website.
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This is awesome2
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awesome..this is so getting added to my MSN emotes!
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In with this new trash, out with the old! :D
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xD i love pixel flies <3 i could stare at it forever. you've got the lid there too >w<
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it's good :nod:

i didn't even notice the flies were the same :shrug:
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MUCH better than the original. It's got depth! :nod:

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i like both :3
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Yuck! :bleh:

Very nice job. :)
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I didn't even know we had a :trash: emote. ^^; Definitely an improvement (now that I know! :giggle:)!
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This is rubbish! :bleh: :lmao:
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Super trash! tarararam!
No, really, it's way better than the old one.
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Dirty trash :ahoy:

Nice Detail and stuff :)
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Phew, I can smell it from here :faint:, stinky!
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Hey, if it works, it works....
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Great revamp! The angle it's at and details in the shading look really nice. :ahoy:
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Awesome :lmao: Trashhh!
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:lmao: I thought of the dead revamp right when I saw it :slow:

Nice job :)
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