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:smooch: remake

Remake of the official dA :smooch: emote - :smooch:, made by *anqqa..

Dimensions of my version remained the same as the old one's, 35x16 pixels..

Improved shading, smoother animation, fixed loop..

for more info check this [link]
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Aww, so cute. :D
Good job! :aww:
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aww that is so cute. i love it. i still havent been able to find out how to do some things on DA, and i just wanted to ask, if you could kindly tell me how to use this emoticon and any other in comments and such?
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Aaawww, that is so cute :heart: :iconomgsocuteplz:!!!
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awesomely funneh siggy :XD:
just thought I'd share that with ya :D
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everyone's saying that :XD:!!! Thanks :D :D :D
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Awwww! :aww: Even cuter than the last one! :D Your good at this! ;)
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You're welcome :clap:
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Very cute :aww:

I love that yours has much more animation then the first (the arms and all) but niether of them look very happy.... i think blue maybe smiling behind his hand, but you can't really see it (i see a little white...maybe, or it may just

Anyway, you can just ignore me :D -i tend to ramble :blush: <--hopefully your blush will replace that one soon :D
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Thank you! :D

They ARE smiling, only it's not very visible, cause of the hands (there is a grin on blue's face, you're right).. Anyway, it doesn't matter, it didn't go to next round :shrug:
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awwww I love that!
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i'm glad you do :smooch:
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Feel the loove.. :D
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I do not write now everywhere a comment, all new Emoticons are genuinly cool :+fav:
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it's ok, i totally understand it, i don't have much time to check all my D messages either :no:
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