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:flame: remake

:flame: remake..
Original :flame: by ~yuukansan
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lmao why did i even make this comment
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This is cute! I like it better x)
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Looks very nice just like real. now all we need is its opposite :D water
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Very nice man!
I use flame alot. :P
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MUCH better than the old did not look like flame...:o...well sorta...

good job! :bonk:
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I might actually use that emote if it looked like this. :)

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i like it, but still think its a little.... little!
im almost blind so i need to zoom my screen to see it well lol
thanks heaven have compiz :P
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Snazzy little animation! :)
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Aww, it's a little baby fire! :giggle: Very nice.
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Super je. Jedno 100 puta bolja od stare. :D
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Flame in side
Cool Work bro :)
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Animated fire is always better. :bucktooth: Nice shades of red and orange, too. Looks great.
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Freakin' awesome. As always.
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Better then the original
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