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:dead: remake

Just something quick, for *EmoticonHQ

I always wanted to make dead emote, with flies & stuff..
Original :dead: :dead: emote made by ~a-t-o-m-i-c
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how can i make these???
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May I try and make my own version of this? :aww:
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Sure, after all this is my own version of original :dead:
Nice-Spice's avatar
Thank you :aww:

Also I love yours emotes :dummy:
HIPandFAR-OUT's avatar
ROFL I wish this was a plzaccount :>
arrioch's avatar
Maybe it will be :D
Sir-Drago's avatar
XD OMG the flieeeees LOL...... fantastic, i luv it. Uhm excuse me, mr. Arrioch. Could you let me use this emote in a stamp some day?? :O_o:, if you don't want, no prob :aww:
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sure you can use it! :D
Sir-Drago's avatar
O.O oh, thank you :iconllamalaplz::handshake:
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this one is BY FAR my fav lawls :heart:
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Dead emote...Great! Now, how about remaking the grave icon? :)
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Hmm, i can try, i think i have some pixel tombs somewhere *looks for old Halloween projects* :paranoid:
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HAHA the flies are the best :D
AnimatedSuStenida's avatar
Great job, as always :nod: I love all the flies over his head ;) :hug:
DarkApple's avatar
I'd vote for it :ninja:
arrioch's avatar
You do that :nod:
super-darkmaster's avatar
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Hopefully it will be soon..
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Awesome work.. the flies are great.
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This is so cool : D although, I originally came to think of Roskilde Festival, where you pretty much feel like that afterwards ^^ hehe. Awesome though!
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lol, i feel for you, man, every festival is like that :D
MissM69's avatar
now that's what I call dead :D
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