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:comic: remake

:comic: remake for *EmoticonHQ
Original :comic: by ~AnonymousDeviant :giggle:
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WoW! =] nice. smooth.
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I like this one so much better.
:comic: looks like a butthole or soemthing. it's ugly and uncute.

I would love it if they replaced the old comic emote with this one =)
I like how it bounces.
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hey babe mind if i use this in a stamp ( i promise this isnt a habit)
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Sure, feel free to use any of my emotes.. :aww:
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Mmm... Bouncy is good. :) That's another emote I don't need to bother remaking.
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there's something very cool about it :o

what is it :headache: i don't know!

good job :highfive:
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wow, i never knew about that! OwO that's COOL. i do love how the speech bubble pops up <3
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So much better it burns the eyes. :)

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Good Rvmp m8. :+fav:
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Loving the 3-D looking shading on it, better than the old, plain black & white one. :clap:
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You animated it and everything. Nice revamp! :ahoy:
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thats awesome!!! :) very cute
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