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:clueless: remake

By arrioch
:clueless: remake for *EmoticonHQ
Original :clueless: by ~phaethorn (again..)

So.. The animation kinda sucks.. I'll fix it soon..
Suggestions are welcome :D
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Poor bluey... he's trying to wake his friend up.
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that is just cute
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Just to let you know, this emote was chosen as the Daily Emote for EmoteADay on November 22, 2014, and featured here!… :dummy:
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how do you do that one? :iconcluelessremakeplz: hrmmmm
cutenerd's avatar
Lol! Nice. :laughing: Looks like someone had a tough day and crashed. ^^;
Yertoughs's avatar
How do I use this emote?
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SO much better than the original!
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Wonderful!! This is so funny:giggle:
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make all of the emoticons in your style plz
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I recognise the : sleeping : emote of yours in this one. :giggle: It would be good to see the clueless one breathing like in the original.
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Yeah, it's him alright :giggle:
You ask too much, i mean, it can be done, but it would require much more frames, thus much larger file size..
I've removed breathing in order to have shorter intervals of floating Zs, and adding breathing would require more frames.. It's as big as it is already..
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But I'm sure you can add a lot of breathing sequences into the existing length of the animation, given that everything blue's doing cannot be reduced.
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lol, love it :lmao:

they're both clueless i think :p

and i didn't even know about that emote :o
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im teh green dude =D
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I really like the revamped version better... it gives it a more 3D look. :#1:
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(kako se prave gif-ovi?znam lame nemam vremena da prouchavak kako pa pitam mastera...)
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pa, mozesh u photoshop cs2, samo ukljuchi animation panel, i idesh frejm po frejm.. ili u imageReady.. samo posle ne idesh na klasichan save, nego na optimize, ctrl+alt+shift+s, i snimish ga kao .gif..
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mada vidish nikad nisam video taj animator panel...
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