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:blush: remake

anyway, again.. remake of official dA :blush: emote :blush:, made by `hprince329..

for more info check this Journal
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:blush: When I see my gf.
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:| (Blank Stare) Love Meow :3 Hug Huggle! I think I've fainted. CURSE YOU! Airborne EVIL Laughter! omfg :squee: :eager: by darkmoon3636 OMG MOAR POEMS! Winner I salute you! Bucktooth O_o You talk too much!                                                                       
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AWESOME they now replaced it with this one :3 I think
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so cool! i love this one so much!
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how do u use it isn it like this hmm.... :iconblush:
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You just type :blush:, and you get :blush:
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Cute blusing Icon, plus your icon "cat" is so CUTEii~ :love:
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:iconnewglomp: greeeat! i luv it
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This work has been featured here: [link]
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The hands in front of the mouth just make him look like he's going to vomit ...
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Yeah, but it's something that happens when people blush.. I'll edit it probably, it's kinda' too long..
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Yeah ...
Well, it's nice :)
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Awesome job. I am not sure all those actions are needed. Maybe just have him smile big with the blush cheeks, then pause for a half second...then do it again?

Can we see how that looks?
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