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Senary IP

IconPackager theme, based on Senary drive icons.

More than 120 icons in the icon pack.

You need IconPackager to use this theme.

UPDATE:Uploaded other formats:

.png format
.ico and .icns @

Comments and favs are much appreciated :D
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such a great work

excelente gracias

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Very nice thank you, thanks for you job, The icons are very well worked, I was looking for ideas to develop my mobile application, and these icons I really like. colors and style futiriste I like ... I would have liked to work on photoshop or other software, but unfortunately I am a beginner; but when I see what we can do it really makes me want to look into it.In any case I wish a lot of success to the designer who has done this great job, thank you for sharing your work as well, it deserves to be seen by the greatest number of people.
Thank you
really cool, i love it! thank you!
did you ever think of making matching dock icons for the ms office programms? that would be so great :-)
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cool work colega
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Muito legal parabens.
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This is amazing :) 
Fantastic work, thank you.
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trying first time great work <3 +1 keep up.

What do you use? PS? ;) 
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Yup, PS.
this is a great icon pack except it worked everywhere except my taskbar
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Damn fine set of dock icons you made there. Very nice. :)
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Hey great work, the quality really shows! I only needed a few for my dock, and I found WinRAR opens the "Senary.ip" file quite nicely. ;)
Keep up the good work!
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Yup, .ip format is basically just an archive. :) You can always download separate icons here -… and png files here -…
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Best Icon Pack EVER!! and is free!
you deserve a nobel prize dude!
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Lol, thanks! There's no category for Icon Pack Nobel prize. Yet. :P
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Great work.
Do You plan in the future extend this icon collection?
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Thanks. Probably not, this one took too much time as it is.
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so pretty ^.^
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