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Blawb tiny extension

Small pack of 12 icons (including G+), i'm busy with work so i can't work that much on these. You can download .psd file here - [link] and create your own icons. :)

Check out:

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AWESOME BUDDY.. my standard choice on my Android Phone. Thanks a lot. one request, could u add new icons such as Pinterest and Tumblr
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Glad to see more Blawb icons. Keep 'em coming! One thing... I noticed that the best resolution is 72px on these. Any chance of getting the 128px?

Added to at [link]
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loved it thanks for sharing
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Arrioch- By FAR my favorite icon pack. i have used some of these for my dock. Is there any way to download the entire pack for Launcher Pro?

Dave Shuter
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You have the theme here - [link]
I didn't make it, so i can't guarantee how it works, but you can try it out.
It should have a big update soon, with new icons.
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I feel like a noob, but how can I actually use this on my phone? Do I have to root it? :slow:
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No, you don't have to root it. You need custom launcher (GO Launcher, ADW, Launcher Pro), or an app like BetterCut, that allows you to change icons. There are already themes for Launcher Pro and GO Launcher, and i hope for ADW soon. Note me if you need any help. :)
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Where can I find the theme for Go Launcher? :eager:
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I love it <3
*press +1* :D
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Thanks for the update. I love the informal style and they look good on my Droid.
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I really love this set, well done, my friend =D
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Thanks, my friend, i'm glad you like it! :D
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yay, more of your beautiful icons, thank you very much!
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You're welcome, and thanks :D
AWESOME!!! Thanks!!!
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Thanks, and you're welcome :D
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These are amazingly well done, buddy! WOW, I love that style! :)
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Thanks buddy! :D
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