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Gonna come back from the deviantart hiatus now. If you follow me on tumblr I'm sure you've noticed I'm still fairly active online... dA has changed a lot since I used to use it frequently.
To anyone who has noticed my empty gallery:

It's because my trust as an artist has been compromised yet again.

Someone took my artworks and sold prints of them at a convention recently.

I'm tired of people profiting off my skills, time, and efforts. 

I'm tired of my good faith being betrayed, by the people I choose to share my work with.

Right now I feel very protective over my art. So I'm putting it all in storage.

I know it's pointless because they're all floating around on the internet, against my wishes.

But I need to do this because I feel violated, disrespected, and helpless with my artwork.

This is how I'm coping with those feelings.
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Journal Entry Jan 1, 2007

This is positively irrelivant on my part but :iconkaibasgirl: managed to stumble upon my 250,000th page view!!…

(just felt like throwing it out there.)


Today was busy because of the celebrations and countdowns! Also congratulations to my brother for landing a part time job at a sushi joint without an interview. They must've been really short on workers. XP Hopefully I'll have the same luck when I apply there.

Arriku's obligatory New Year's sap rant that you really don't have to read:

Some people maybe saying, "ugh, what's the deal, it's just another day, another year, stfu." But I in my sort of optimistic approach to life, welcome the new year! Sure I'm about to dive headfirst into semester finals almost deadset after this vacation, but that'll be over soon. :3 This year people can start off with a clean slate and renewed resolutions.

Frankly, 06 was horrible for me, but there were some good times I've had, and its too bad some things ended the way they did... but I've learned a lot. :3 Over the past five or six months I've gained recognition, at first it sort of scared me (I was so used to having little attention to my stuff- less attention meant less expectations after all) but now I think of it as a challenge to improve. (I say that word too much. XD)

Goals for the Year:
Finish 50k and 100k requests within the month. Huh.
Avoid internet drama and/or hiatus. Fairly easy.
Get straight A's. This one will be tough.
Dare I say it... no procrastinating? D: near impossible but I'll try.
Go to Con at San Jose!
Stay healthy. :3

Just for reference to myself:
1.evilchick2007 -Rock Lee, School Attire
2.Sumiyaki - Haku, School Attire
3.shinkunotenshi - Itachi, School Attire
4.Dese-chan - Deidara, School Attire
5.Sasha2999 - Gaara, School Attire
6.Hai-san - Kakashi, School Attire
7.Nadja-Neko - Temari, Ninja
8.Koshou - Hinata, School Attire
9.KaiyaHaato - Shikamaru, School Attire
10.TsundereKit - Sasuke, School Attire

and for 100K:
Bethalamew:Sasori and Deidara.

"To give in is so easy and I don't like the easy path," he says. "Indifference is never an option. It is not the beginning of a process; it is the end of a process. My mantra has been: The opposite of love is not hate but indifference, the opposite of education is not ignorance but indifference; the opposite of beauty is not ugliness but indifference; the opposite of life is not death but indifference to life and death. I don't think I could ever become numb."



Will respond to comments (if any XD) tomorrow cuz I'm about to pass out from tiredness
Thank you for all your support, and Happy New Years and late Merry X-Mas. I've finally gotten around to sorting many things out, and will come back to post more stuff fairly soon, without a doubt. ^__^