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My entry for the GOW contest.

Tools: pencil + paper, Paint tool SAI
Time: 35+hours
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toonhamHobbyist Artist
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Impact

Always awesome to see great video game art. You really have two strong points here: the incredible detail-work and the contrast of light and dark. The time you spent on the weapon and armour seems to have paid off since they look brilliant. Especially in the weapon, the details look painful. I also like how the Berserker was done, hulking and drooling. The lights on Sam's armour are a nice touch, though probably the opposite of helpful for someone hiding from something. The Berserker's body blocking out the sun in this work is a great idea, really emphasising its tremendous size and malevolent nature.

I could only comment on this as an artist since I haven't touched a GOW game. Therefore, I don't think I can really complain about much. Keep up the great work and good luck in the contest!
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arrikuProfessional Digital Artist
I'm not sure if I ever actually thanked you for such a thoughtful critique- so I'll do it now! Thank you. :D lol

I'm very glad you actually noticed and pointed out the aspects of the picture I feel most proud of and put the most effort into - the lighting, the weapon and armor, the placement of both subjects...

I agree with the above comment that I could have done better with the proportions, but it's one of those details I unfortunately only notice in retrospect and not during production.

All in all, a learning experience and definitely not a waste of time. C:

Thank you both for your insightful comments!
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toonhamHobbyist Artist
You're welcome! I'm glad my critique was helpful!
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sacredwolf000Professional Digital Artist
The only Flaw I can find in this fantastic piece is the perceptive outlook of the figure drawings. Proportions are a little off. Otherwise its the color of the picture that makes it stand out so well. the color temperature and mood of the warm background corrasponding with cool shadows from where the female fighter hides, makes the scene vividly accurate.
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lehibouvoyageurHobbyist Traditional Artist
Great athmosphere !
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GamerSittchHobbyist General Artist
Simply put, awesome. Just like that.
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DasTierLockjawHobbyist Digital Artist
Hah... catfight... I see what you did thar. I think the Berserker may win unless Sam there gets some backup though... XD
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mcrmy173Hobbyist Writer
i love everything. especially how to put the game's logo behind her. that was extremely creative
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xRubiMalonexStudent Digital Artist
This is INCREDIBLE!! Sam is totally badass, she'd easily take that beserker down!
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I like how you desinged her weapon!
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Lukas-the-TricksterHobbyist Writer
Anybody else love the idea of Sam fighting a Beserker on her own and killing it? She always seems to have a flame grenade handy? :) love this pic.
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dark284Hobbyist Writer
Very well done, the detail in this is incredible, I especially like the glowing blue light on the armor and weapon it gives this a certain feeling and her expression is very well made, it shows that she is a professional and how she awaits for the right opportunity to strike. The detail for the weapon and armor and exceptional together with the background and the way the monster(you will have to excuse me for not knowing the name but I never played GOW so I apologize) blocks the sun is simply amazing. Well done.
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Go on Girl! Smash Sam's face in! :rofl:
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arrikuProfessional Digital Artist
LOL, pro-Berserker fan?! Well, this battle could go either way.. :)
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Sorry, Berserker's are awesome. ;p

Besides, I really... REALLY hate Sam. :/
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arrikuProfessional Digital Artist
Will I know why if I play the game? :3
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She's very smug, her voice makes my ears bleed and like Zero Punctuation says, her sole purpose seems to be to remind people she's a girl.

In My Opinion. ^^;
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arrikuProfessional Digital Artist
Ah, it's a subjective thing then. :)
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FluffernubberHobbyist Digital Artist
oh the coincidence...i just beat wave 30 with Sam on horde.
And the boss was the 3 Berserkers.
very nice work, i love the title and all
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arrikuProfessional Digital Artist
Humm, I actually haven't played the game yet... but I'm looking forward to that. What a coincidence :)

Thank you!
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BlackCorsetHobbyist Writer
Wonderful job, very detailed!

Good luck for the contest. :nod:
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arrikuProfessional Digital Artist
I made to semifinals! Thank you for your best wishes. :D
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ChanethedemongirlHobbyist General Artist
AwwwwSOME!!!! :squee:
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StoneWasherHobbyist Digital Artist
omg, that's amazing
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