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I have over 250 deviations, and these ones are just my recent pictures.

Pixel gemstones - Aquamarine by Arrelline Blue Butterfly Divider by CherushiMetsumari Pixel gemstones - Aquamarine by Arrelline Blue Butterfly Divider by CherushiMetsumari Pixel gemstones - Aquamarine by Arrelline

So please, feel free to check out the rest of the gallery ;).


MLP historical

Please enlarge for full view!

Made by kimmygirl8's request.
She asked me to make the main heroines of Hasbro Studios's "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" series humanised and in historical dresses.

Few things I need to say:
Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! No Sunset Shimmer in this picture because she was an antagonist last time I saw the series.
Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! 
I make humanised versions of them, what means I will try to keep their appearance colours as natural as possible (e.g. no violet skin or rainbow hair).
Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! I will try to incorporate the details of their appearance, cutie marks and outfits they wear, but only as long it not contrary to the period.

And finally I got to work on it again!
Psyquic Gem 06/06/2018 - And finally!!! Here is Pinkie Pie ! ! !
Pink Dot Bullet - F2U! Late Rococo is definitely one of the funniest, fluffiest and most bizarre fashions ever, so I had to put Pinkie Pie in it!
Here she is in a fashionable court dress of 1780s with frills, bows and a big wig hairstyle with feathers.
Poison Gem 29/05/2018 - it is Twilight Sparkle . . .
Violet Bullet  Magic makes me think of the Middle Ages so she is dressed in a 15th century outfit with long sleeves and elaborate headdress. 
Water Gem 28/05/2018 - Rainbow Dash!
Navy Bullet She likes sports so here she is in a 1930s activity outfit, inspired by a similar person from my favourite comedy series that takes place in the early 1930s.
Fire Gem 25/05/2018 - Applejack is here!
Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! She is dressed as a country maid (I took a 1600s outfit for reference) and I like how cheerful and lively she looks!
Normal Gem 24/05/2018 - I made Fluttershy...
Pastel Yellow Bullet Regency fashion is among my favourites as well, even if it is probably not something I myself would wear. But it can be very dainty and lovely.
So here she is in a 1810s ball dress with embroidery of vines and butterflies.
Flying Gem 12/05/2018 - Rarity makes her appearance!
silver bullet Early Victorian fashion is one of my favourites so I gave Rarity an elegant ca 1838 ball dress of icy white silk decorated with silk ribbons and real diamonds.

So, what I settled on:
Sparkle 07 Twilight Sparkle - she is a magician, so I gave her a medieval outfit with long sleeves in what good fairies are often portrayed

Apple Red Applejack - she is a gardener, so obviously she is dressed in a comfy working outfit

Pixel gemstones - Topaz blue Rarity - she looks elegant and regal to me, so I thought an early Victorian dress would suit her

:PinkBummy: Pinkie Pie - her hair inspired me to give her a fluffy Rococo ballgown with a big wig

Rainbow Bullet (Outline) - F2U Rainbow Dash - I can hardly imagine her in a long dress, however she would be comfortable in a costume of 1930es with a beret

Butterfly Emote (Free) Fluttershy - she reminds me of some Jane Austin's heroines, so in my opinion Regency is what would suit her best

Pixel gemstones - Adularia What do you think about the idea of dresses?

Doll bases from LotR and Hobbit Scene maker by AzaleasDolls
The cutie mark background textures and all the background items - from Internet
31 days OC challenge - Angela

Please enlarge for full view!

It has been a while since I made the previous challenge of that kind and I thought it would be about time to start another one. Again, I rearranged and changed the list of tasks to fit my tastes. I like it better than the previous one and perhaps I will fulfil it for some other OCs of mine as well.

Day 1 - The first appearance
What your OC is like and looks like when first appearing in the story

Rose's Rose - YELLOW Meet Angela Manners, a character from a short story of mine (the working title is ''Goodness Rewarded''). She is also one of ''The 16''.

Birth name: The Honourable Angela Manners. She goes simply by ''Angela'' though since she is not aware of her origin
Gender: Female
Nationality: English
Age: 19, turning 20 near the end of the story
Birthday: December 23, 1736
Zodiac: Capricorn
Her story is partly copied from one (my favourite) of the numerous versions of Cinderella story. At the beginning, she lives as a servant in the house of her step family, then she meets a nice gentleman, goes to a ball, they marry and live happily ever after.
Angela is born the daughter of a baron, hence her courtesy title. Soon after her birth her father dies and her mother marries for the second time to a recently widowed man with two daughters, the elder being the same age as Angela. Unfortunately, not long after her mother dies too, leaving Angela an orphan in a basically family of strangers.
Under her father's last will, Angela inherited some money what her stepfather misappropriates and, in order to not give them back, keeps saying that Angela was in fact a maidservant's daughter whom he pitied and took into his house, until it is accepted by everybody around, including Angela herself who was too little to remember the truth. So she grows up believing herself to be ''a nobody'', acts as a maid to her stepsisters and tacitly endures the patronisingly contemptuous attitude of her stepfather, because ''he is a born gentleman. Who I am to dare show disrespect?''.

Pixel gemstones - Amber I meant to picture a really old and worn-out dress with quilted petticoat; the fabrics are still strong, but the colours are faded. The only new pieces of clothing are her bonnet and the ribbon on the corset. This is how she looks when she first meets her future romantc interest. Instead of a princess in a shining ball gown, - a servant in a dull old-fashioned dress. Not the most favourable look, do not you find?

Day 2 - Season
Tick Summer or winter, spring or autumn - whatever you feel suits your OC best

Pixel Clover I decided that warm and sunny summer would suit Angela's kind and natural character.

Pixel gemstones - Amber I meant to picture a field of white clover, because to me clover associates with early summer. On the top there is a general view (I like that the sun is close to her heart!). And a kind of mid close-up on the skirt, not so good; however for the first time of me making clover in Snow Scene it is not so bad either. In her left hand she holds an armful of strawberries and in her right hand a bunch of flowering grasses. Her belt is meant to represent the soft warm rays of the early summer sun, and the bee stands for diligence.
Shamrock The short WIP of the dress here


Day 3 - Horoscope
Tick Zodiac or Chinese calendar - personality-wise, by the date of birth, random or just your own sign

Capricorn Angela was born on 23rd of December that means she more or less falls under Capricorn Zodiac sign.

Pixel gemstones - Amber I meant to picture all of the aspects of the sign - the palette mainly in brown, grey and yellow colours, the skirt represents onyx gemstone and the belt clasp carnelian, the mascots are ladder, tortoise and locket (the last two I combined), the porcelain material is represented by a vase. I also added the Capricornus constellation, the sign's symbol and the approximate astrological dates. And just for fun, a horned hairstyle.
I do not really believe in horoscopes, but they are always interesting to deal with.
Pixel: Capricorn The short WIP of the picture here


Day 4 - Element
Tick Fire, earth, air, water, wood, metal, light, wind, energy, spirit etc.

Earth Orb I felt like the Earth element would suit her best because of the association with nature in all its aspects.

Pixel gemstones - Amber I meant to picture a cross section of the Earth, from the magma entrails to the skies. Her sleeves represent fire and water, the two main forming forces on the Earth. And both gemstones and plants are gifts of the earth.
Moss Rock The WIP of the picture here.


Day 5 - Mythical creature
Tick Any mythical or supernatural being of any folklore

Zachriel, the Angel of Memory
Of course with her kind and sweet nature Angela would make a perfect angel!

 Pixel gemstones - Amber
I meant to picture Angela as an angel like they are sometimes seen in Renaissance paintings, in simple white robes and with rainbow-coloured wings. Also since it is the season, I added some Christmas symbolics and decorations.


Day 6 - Divinity
Tick A deity of any religion

Bug Gem
To me, Demeter is a deity of life and nature and it suits Angela perfectly.

Pixel gemstones - Amber I meant to picture a Greek outfit with fitting hairstyle (once in a blue moon I made more or less decent folds!). Also in her hands she holds a cornucopia and a bunch of wheat ears with cornflowers.
F2U Faceted Heart Gem Peridot The short WIP of the outfit here


Day 7 - Plants
Tick Either according to a horoscope or just any flower, plant or tree you think would fit your OC in some way or another

yellow flower pixel bullet ?
I chose primrose because it is a nice spring flower and it has a lovely yellow variety.
Leaf LeftRed DotDot Bullet (Red) - F2U!Red DotLeaf Right
To me rowan was always associated with generosity and warmness, the traits Angela undoubtedly posesses.

Pixel gemstones - Amber I meant to picture a rowan tree (I thought these dress adornments were perfect for making tree branches, like I have already tried out before). In her hand she holds a bouquet of yellow primroses.


Day 8 - Holiday
Tick Either your OC’s or your favourite holiday, or the holiday fitting your OC in some way or another

Easter Bunny Basket Static Easter is Angela's favourite holiday, celebrating the light, warmness and renewal, giving rise to hopes for the better.

Pixel gemstones - Amber I meant to picture Angela in a nice dress with floral print but now when I think of it more, I find that her skirt is like a painted egg... In her left hand there is a chicken in the eggshell surrounded by snowdrops. On the ground there are crocuses, the spring flowers that are one of the symbols of Easter due to their early blooming. Hence their colours, yellow and lavender are also symbolic (so I gave her such coloured ribbons to hold). And then there is the butterfly motive, because to me butterfly symbolises joy and freedom.

Yellow Easter Egg Bullet I planned to make and post this picture earlier, but well... Happy belated Easter then :smile: 

Dragon Egg Peridot The egg frame and greeting were added in Photoshop, but the doll is entirely D&D!

Made with drag and drop items in
Snow Queen Scene maker by :iconazaleasdolls:
Angela 06 Divinity WIP

Please enlarge for full view!

A vague WIP of the outfit from this picture. The folds are made mainly with icicle drag&drops.

Made with drag and drop items in
Snow Queen Scene maker by :iconazaleasdolls:
Pixel gemstones - Diamond
I wanted to test my poor skills in pixel art ;) (Wink)

But acutally I needed gemstones for my Multifarious Zodiac journal and decided to draw them by myself.

Pixel gemstones - Diamond Diamond is the stone of Aries (but I guess it would suit everybody ;)).
Also diamond is the birhtstone of April, it symbolises strength, beauty and purity.

If you like it, you can download, just do not claim as yours, because it took me a lot of time and effort to draw Smile green .
Also if you download, please let me know how you are going to use it, I am curious ;).

And here is the rest of my gemstone collection:

Pixel gemstones - Ruby Pixel gemstones - Sardonyx red and white Pixel gemstones - Coral Pixel gemstones - Amber Pixel gemstones - Topaz yellow Pixel gemstones - Heliodor Pixel gemstones - Beryl green Pixel gemstones - Nephrite Pixel gemstones - Chrysoprase Pixel gemstones - Amazon-stone Pixel gemstones - Emerald Pixel gemstones - Turquoise Pixel gemstones - Aquamarine Pixel gemstones - Topaz blue Pixel gemstones - Adularia Pixel gemstones - Sapphire Pixel gemstones - Amethyst Pixel gemstones - Onyx black-and-white Pixel gemstones - Pearl 
Fashion through the times
Icon - Branch with Green Leaves

Please enlarge for the full view!

Icon - Branch with Green Leaves 

Pixel Clover Update 6 - and finally here is Jane! Fortunately it is holiday time because her lace collar took me a whole day to make!
Clover symbol Update 5 - in case if I will be able to work on it until Christmas, here is Annora for you! I am very glad about her looks.
Clover symbol Update 4 - the next ones are Mary and Agatha. In their outfits I tried my hand on some new materials - brocade, gauze and fur.
Clover symbol Update 3 - Agnes and Emma are ready too! I am particularly satisfied with all the patterns being historically accurate.
Clover symbol Update 2 - I cannot believe that, but the first two, Alfwen and Edgith are ready! I am so proud of them, especially the hair!
Also I shaded the clothes of Agnes and Emma, changed the faces of Agnes and Mary (what do you think about them?) and shaded the skin of the first eight.

Clover symbol Update 1 - more detailed clothes, some decorations and patterns; plus my favourite stylised inscriptions
Clover symbol An early preview of my by now favourite fashion project which I call ''The 16'' because of the amount of the dolls.
Please take notice that it is a very early preview!

They are supposed to be OCs from my story. It is divided into sixteen parts, all but the last two of them are short stories, taking place in alternative world England from before the Norman Conquest until the late Victorian era. Each of these ladies is in some way or another connected to her coeval members of a certain family (most often, by marrying into that family).

Now, about them. I decided to go with Disney bases because they provided a nice range of different poses which I felt would add to the character. Sometimes it was also the heroine's face or some traits of her personality.

Pixel Rose Bullet - Green Alfwen
Diamond (f2u) Base - Merida from Brave, because they both are brave and stubborn and wield a bow. Plus Alfwen marries a man of the kind what Merida might like, someone whom she could truly respect and who would respect her independence and did not rush to save her when she is quite able to protect herself.
Leaf Left Alfwen
Demantoid Outfit  

Pixel Rose Bullet - Turquoise Edgith
Diamond (f2u) Base - Madellaine from the second part of The Hunchback of Notre Dame because I liked her pose of calm waiting.
Leaf Left Edgith lets her husband to go to the Third Crusade where he perishes, so if they are supposed to meet each other that would be only in afterlife (if you believe in it).

Rose's Rose - BRIGHT BLUE Agnes
Diamond (f2u) Base - Snow White, the same beauty, goodness, kindness and gentleness.
Leaf Left Agnes is a rather neglected third daughter in a noble family, grown up without a mother, so I can see some similarities here as well.
Blue Topaz Outfit

Pixel Rose Bullet - Dark Pink Emma
Diamond (f2u) Base - Jasmine from Aladdin to add some spice to the character, besides her pose is quite convenient.
Leaf Left Emma, being born into a noble family has her pride and arrogance. She is forced to rethink her views when she falls in love with a man, mostly because he refuses to pay attention to her.
Garnet Outfit

Heraldry - White rose Mary
Diamond (f2u) Base - Kida from Atlantis, particularly because her warrior personality.
Leaf Left Mary does not fight but at some point she has a small troope under her command.
Andradite Outfit

Heraldry - Tudor rose Agatha
Diamond (f2u) Base - Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Noter Dame, because she is also strong and modest and spirited person. And her face looks good in this cape.
Leaf Left Agatha is courted by King Henry VIII but is lucky enough to reject him and stay alive and well.
Sunstone BaryteOutfit

{F2U} Orange Rose Bullet Annora
Diamond (f2u) Base - Anna from Frozen partly due to her cheerful personality. Also I like her pose, as if she is a bit confused, just as Annora herself was by the courtship of Queen Elizabeth's lover.
Leaf Left Annora
Turquoise Outfit

{F2U} Red Rose Bullet Jane
Diamond (f2u) Base - Megara from Hercules because of her defiant pose. Jane herself is a very mischevious and sarcastic person.
Leaf Left Jane
Carnelian Outfit

Pixel Rose Bullet - Blue Esther
Diamond (f2u) Base - Pocahontas because she lived not so long before Esther and because I like how the pose reflects her resoluteness. Plus like her, Esther herself also lost her mother and stayed true to her faith and views.
Leaf Left Esther
Sapphire Outfit

Pixel Rose - White version Aurora
Diamond (f2u) Base - Belle from Beauty and the Beast because of the association with rose which I always believed to be Aurora's flower. And she also has troubles in building the relationship with the man whom she ends up marrying.
Leaf Left Aurora
Silver Outfit

{F2U} Aqua Rose Bullet Isabel
Diamond (f2u) Base - Ariel from The Little Mermaid because she is so sweet and honest and dreaming here! Yet she is able to fight for her true love, just like Isabel.
Leaf Left Isabel
Icestone Outfit

{F2U} Purple Rose Bullet Catherine
Diamond (f2u) Base - Tiana because of the interesting pose and her kind sincere smile.
Leaf Left I like Catherine as a charcter for aiming to be noble in deeds and bring good to the people around.
Cordierite Outfit

Pixel Rose Bullet - Yellow Angela
Diamond (f2u) Base - Giselle from Enchanted because she is as just kind and naive, and also a ginger.
Leaf Left Angela has quite a Cinderella story, starting as a servant to her step family and ending up marrying a nobleman.
Gold Outfit

{F2U} Pink Rose Bullet Elisabeth
Diamond (f2u) Base - Rapunzel from Tangled partly because the authors told they intended Tangled to take place in about 1780s.
Leaf Left Elisabeth is a daughter of an university professor; an earnest, intelligent and well-educated lady, although also with good sense of humour.

{F2U} Blue Rose Bullet Joan
Diamond (f2u) Base - Aurora from the Sleeping Beauty because in one fairytale she was said to be the fairest maiden in the world and Joan herself is indeed incredibly beautiful and graceful, and fragile like a china statuette, the one of the kind.
Leaf Left Joan
Spectrolite Outfit

rose Anne
Diamond (f2u) Base - Cinderella because with this hairstyle, she is quite like her. And because later she refers to herself as having a Cinderella story with Fairy Godmother, Prince Charming and marvellous palace.
Leaf Left Anne
Aventurine Outfit

The bases by SelenaEde can be found here
Annora's face - from Fairytale Scene Maker by AzaleasDolls
Jane's face - from Roman Lady by
AzaleasDolls and dolldivine
Elisabeth's face - from Arabian Nights Scene Maker by dolldivine and AzaleasDolls

The pattern on Jane's over dress - Damask flower pattern by Yagellonica
The pattern on Jane's under dress - Embroidery pattern by Sidney Eileen
Angela 04 Element WIP

Please enlarge for full view!

A short WIP of the doll from this picture.

Made with drag and drop items in
Snow Queen Scene maker by :iconazaleasdolls:
Smile green
I like this smile :smile: , it is nice but it is yellow which is not always convenient for me.

So I used this emote tutorial by luckylinx and finally made my own smile in one of my favourite colours - in green!

Pixel gemstones - Beryl green Free to use on deviantArt
Singing water and crackling fire

Please enlarge for the full view!

Another story I came up with recently. It is called A Flowing Soul and, unusually for me at the moment, set in a fantasy magical world.
There is a kingdom where exist the two kinds of magic - Sun magic concerning light, fire, energy, metals and matter-converting (that is, turning one substance to another by changing its atomic and molecular structure), and Moon magic revolving around water and wind, sound, healing and mind powers.
Magic is hereditary, in a dominant way. With the same kind of magic, if a strong mage marries a weak mage, their children would inherit the magic of their strongest parent, while two strong mages or two weak ones would produce offsprings alike themselves. If the parents have different kinds of magic, the children would inherit both.

Usually magic fades in the course of time through the generations of more and more weaker bearers. Thus, the most of people has no magic at all, or in so weak form that it does not really matter.

The strongest mages are in the royal family and in the twenty five aristocratic families around the throne; they keep they powers strong by marrying within their limited circle. All of them but two are Sun mages. As a matter of fact, Moon magic is believed to have faded away because there are only two known bearers of it. One is Lak To'ner, an old man, the only survived member of once influential family of Moon mages having been destroyed by the grandfather of the present king, who spared his life under the condition of never having offsprings. And another is Prince Ri'lon, the youngest son of the king (his magic is entirely accidental, a ''mosaic'' so to say, or a gift of the Moon goddess how the people say in such case) who is suspected in taking no interest at women, therefore the chances of him passing his magic to the children are rather questionable.

But, unknown to the many, there is a whole family in whose members Moon magic is still alive, the family of Te. The story centers around the daughter of that family named Lateel.

I decided to try the new game once more and made all the main characters.
From left to right
(the names are influenced by the Eastern ones to some extent, e.g. the personal names have the stress on the last syllable)
 Sun Queen So'ret [sɔ'ret] and King Ki'nod [kɪ'nd, the rulers of the land
 Sun No'lees [nɔ'li:s] of the family D'yu (reads like dew), sister to Ha'neem
 Sun Prince Ki'rum [kɪ'rʊm], the royal heir
F2U Moon pixel Toner [tɔ'ner] of the family Lak [lʌk], the oldest living Moon mage
F2U Moon pixel Lateel [lʌ'ti:l] of the family Te [te], the story's protagonist
F2U Moon pixel Prince Ri'lon [rɪ'lɔ:n], the white crow of the royal family
 Sun Yu'fet [ju'fet] of the family Pan [pʌn], the fabulously rich and famous collector of rare things. He is talked about a lot, and never anything good. He is one of the story's antagonists
F2U Moon pixel Meron [me'rɔ:n] of Te and his wife Sun Fai'leen [faɪ'li:n], parents to Di'tor and Lateel
F2U Moon pixel Di'tor [dɪ'tɔ:r] of Te and his young wife Sun Ha'neem [hʌ'ni:m] (at the beginning of the story they are married for two months)

Made in Arabian Nights Scene Maker by dolldivine and AzaleasDolls

Iris and Thanael's wedding - the guests in black
What nobody would have believed anymore is finally going to happen: Thanael and Iris will marry together!
To celebrate the great event every welcomed person is invited to the ceremony and the following autumn-themed party.

Pixel Rose - Black version To pay tribute to Thanael's Rotheran ancestry the wedding guests should come in black outfits. But since Avalonne is a rather cheerful place, and with Iris holding the title of the Countess of Colours, the guests are permitted to add some colour to their outfits.

Pixel gemstones - Aquamarine I had not contributed anything to FPK for a long time by now, and thus missed a lot of important events like a treaty of peace and a couple of coronations. So I figured some time must has passed for my OCs as well. There was a war in their home countries too and they returned to take part in it, at first on different sides but joining forces later. Now as soon as the peaces was setted, they can afford paying visits to the neighboured land again.

Pixel gemstones - Adularia Lirelanta is visiting the wedding of her friend Iris. Quite a lot of time passed for them both. The last time they met at a party was the Countess's Masquerade ball, where Lirelanta also had a wary talk with the then Minister of Treasury. From that conversation, she confirmed her suspicions about him being not quite honest, but at the same time made sure that he was truly in love with Iris...
Now these two marry together and Lirelanta is here to wish them all the happiness, luck and joy that await the union of two loving hearts.
The joy Lirelanta can relate to, since she got married and asks for a permission to introduce
Pixel gemstones - Nephrite Priden Antren, an exceptionally nice man, unless he decides that someone makes something silly or bad. Otherwise he would intervene or at least makes a remark.

Pixel gemstones - Sapphire Lira is here too, because she is Lirelanta's cousin, ''a courageous and magnanimous person who helped to defeat the universal evil and bring harmony to our homelands'' as Lirelanta introduces her to the court.
Pixel gemstones - Topaz yellow Res is Lira's boyfriend whom she talked into coming with her. He is really not a fan of big parties with lots of unfamiliar people, but he feels obliged to keep an eye on Lira who is famous for her ability to cause all sorts of confusion and chaos. Thanks to the Great Balance that she can no longer set something on fire as easily as she used to!..

Pixel gemstones - Onyx black-and-white With regard to their clothes, I know there is probably too much of colour. Maybe it even does not fit the rules of the contest. But for at least two of them it is the most dark outfit they have ever worn.
To celebrate the long-awaited peace in their countries, they decided to switch clothing styles, so Res and Lira wear more or less painted outfits while Lirelanta and Priden are dressed in the ''nobility'' manner.
Bullet; Orange The picture at Res's vest is meant to be a night mountain valley with a camp fire and flame reaching the sky.
Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! Lira's outfit is based on space theme, stars, galaxies and the like.
Tiny Teal Blue Bullet FTU Lirelanta's dress remids me of a fine jewellery box. And the confetti part was meant to look like a black opal...
Teal Bullet Priden's vest is not black at all, but he insisted that the rest of the outfit was dark enough to let some colour for the vest.

Pixel gemstones - Aquamarine So again, perhaps they do not meet the terms of the contest at all. Although probably Lirelanta's outfit is the most fitting one for this category and if I were to choose the one character to enter, it would be her.
But I would understand if you say none of them fits. At least it was fun to make.


The habitants of all realms belong to

1999317 | whitewolfdreamer27 | msbrit90 | AngelOfBeauty88 | FlyingFreedom13 | impossiblegirl2003 | GingerDancer | tomanyOCs | visenyatargaryen12 | CarlottaStudios | bigpinkbow197 | LaSerenity | Candy-Cane-xo | DisneyFlower | youngwolf13 | Eolewyn1010 | Storylady35 | momo5522 | xxZyraxx | MoonQueen97 | GiaChipettes | DarkQueen013 | M-Mannering | Rapunzel-Arj | goldfairie | Princess-Icicles | aotearoa-geek13 | MilleniumHopeArtist | sardonicshadows | Lulu597 | Rai-Knightshade | falling-lights-3127 | Jenn-The-Apollo-Kid | Sonicgirl141 | MagicalPiggies | IrishWhoGirl | LittleArtistMickey

Made with drag and drop items in
Snow Queen Scene maker by :iconazaleasdolls:
Angela 03 Zodiac WIP

Please enlarge for full view!

A short WIP of the doll from this picture.

Pixel gemstones - Sardonyx red and white Reference - this nice onyx agate for the skirt

Made with drag and drop items in
Snow Queen Scene maker by :iconazaleasdolls:
Angela 02 Season WIP

Please enlarge for full view!

A short WIP of the doll from this picture.

Pixel Clover References - a heather lanscape for the top and white clover for the skirt

Made with drag and drop items in
Snow Queen Scene maker by :iconazaleasdolls:

Journal History

  • Playing: piano
  • Eating: sunflower seeds
  • Drinking: green tea

It has been a long time since my last post and that was not the easiest time for me. The trouble is, naturally, in my wretched computer which this time catched a virus that ciphered and erased all my data!.. Everything - all my pictures, all the requests of yours I started to make, all notes and documents, all music and videos - everything! And my stories! Not a single page left, and no notes because I kept them all in digital - I should have written at least something in the old-fashioned pencil-and-paper way! And now all that has left to me is my memory. I say, it feels a bit crazy to think that henceforth I do not have the right to forget even a slightest detail of any of my numerous stories because there is nothing to count on besides myself…

Please forgive the exclamation marks, it is just that even now, three months later, I still cannot speak calmly about this.

But on the lighter note, I would like to return to DeviantArt which I missed all the time and where I missed a lot of things. You see -  experience can teach - I do not tell I hope or I expect or I promise, only I would like to. But as of now, it is nice to be here again.

    With the best hopes,

      Yours sincerely,

  Leaf (left)Undertale - Kindness | Green pixel heart | F2Usmall heart - light grey:bademoticon:Love #4:bademoticon:small heart - light greyUndertale - Kindness | Green pixel heart | F2ULeaf (right)  
          :tealeaf:  Pixel Rose - White version :tealeaf:
I would not believe this two years ago, but now I did it! I actually filled a meme! It is because at last I found the one interesting enough, where I would not need to change everything.

OC_LOVE Couple meme by Elemental-Ako

1. What are your two OC Characters names?
One my favourite romantic OC couples ever! The one called  ' a perfect couple'.
I would like to write a story about them one day, so I would not want to spoil it by giving away the names. Let us just make sure that they are he and she.

2. Nice names. So are they going out or is it unrequited love?
Well, it depends on the moment, but eventually they do end up together.
3. I see. So how did they meet? And how long ago?
Again, 'how long ago' depends on the time you mean as the starting point. As for 'how', it was quite a banal acquaintance actually. He was a friend of her brother who one day invited him to stay at his parents' house and naturally introduced him to his relatives and siblings.
4. Have they ever gone on a date? If not what would happen.
No, they have never gone on 'a date' in the modern meaning. You see, that was not a practice yet at their time. In fact, they did not even embrace each other before the wedding.
5. The guy kneels down and asks her to marry him, what happens?
This is a sketch I made a while ago, had to replace some pronouns. And keep in mind that it is a romantic couple.

Suddenly he left his seat and kneeled down in front of her.
'' [her name], whatever you would think of me afterwards, I cannot help saying it. I need that you knew how deeply and sincerely I love you –''

'' Oh... Indeed?'' She was completely overwhelmed. At the next time, she felt the world around turning upside down. However, probably this time it turned into the right position...

'' It is as true as that breathing keeps human body alive. But there is no true life without hope. For me, during these long months it was the hope to see you again. I ask for nothing but your indulgence. My only wish is not to lose your benevolence, so I beg you to forgive my untimely expressions, which you are evidently not glad to listen to –''

'' Oh no, I am not! – I mean – Actually I –'' she had an amazing feeling of unreal, her thoughts messed, she wanted to cry and laugh at the same time. Not the best state for, as she realized, the most important moment in her life. She took a breath to calm down and felt sudden resoluteness.

'' Actually I am very glad to listen to these words,'' she said, surprised at how easy it turned out to voice her mind. '' I cannot describe how much happy I am now to listen to the words I could only dream of hearing –''

'' Is it true?'' he asked. She looked at his face where hope and joy mixed in a wonderful way; it seemed it was shining with inner light. For one queer moment, she thought that angels must have so light and pure faces...

'' Yes, it is true,'' she answered smiling.

'' There are no words to express my feelings,'' he whispered.'' I feel like my heart is ready to burst out... But they say one cannot die of happiness –''

He took her arm very gently as if it was porcelain, kissed it and pressed to his forehead. She felt a need to speak her thoughts.

'' It seems to me now,'' she said, ''that I found some integral part of myself. I did not know before how much I missed it, but now everything took its place –.''

'' The same I feel,'' he echoed. ''Save for me having realized it from the very day of our acquaintance, when you entered the room – and my life. I cannot live without you! So it would be the greatest honour and happiness to me if you agreed to share your life with me.''

'' I agree... and it is very kind of you,'' she added, at last having managed to recall what one should say in such case. And she smiled again on the thought that once in a blue moon, she did not mind following the etiquette rules!.. For few moment it seemed to her that she did not care for the whole world, for nothing except for the man near her and his hand holding hers and his wonderful eyes looking at her with such softness and tenderness that she wanted to cry of happiness...
6. The guy is late for a date (or maybe just hanging out) what does the girl do?
As I said, they did not go to a date. Besides, he is not in the habit to be late in general.
7. They go to a movie, what type of movie do they go to and what happens?
As a matter of fact, cinema did not exist yet during their lifetime, so if they were to go somewhere together, that would most likely be a symphonic concert or opera, or at least a theatrical play.
8. Is there much of an age gap?
He is six years older, but it does not feel as an age gap. I would say he is a bit more mature and serious, but it is because of the peculiarities of his education, not age.
9. What type of relationship do they have with each other?
The most romantic one you can imagine. She loves him very much, and in his turn, he is passionately in love with her, to the point that some people can take as an obsession.
10. Is there anything separating them from each other?
Hmm, I would say no, if you mean any serious disagreement.
11. What song describes their relationship the best?
''Only you'' by Sinead O'Connor, the song that plays during the credits of ''The Young Victoria'' film.
Also here is a nice video of it featuring the scenes from the film.
What I would like to point out, this song describes their emotional affection, not their social positions.
12, Great choice. So anyway one day the girl is really upset and is crying in a dark room, what does the guy do?
Well, he would of course sit beside her, embrace her tenderly and ask carefully about the reason of her sorrow, in one word, to make everything to comfort and cheer her. But to be honest, the only time when she happened to be upset and cry in a dark room was because of him, and he was not there to comfort her. It was when she realised that she fell in love with him, but thought she had no chance to take place in his heart.
13. The guy is worried about someone close to them (please state, it can be the girl) What does the girl do to comfort him?
It depends on the cause of his worries. Yet he belongs to the people who believe worrying to be a waste of time and prefer to do something useful instead. However, she does not need to do anything special to comfort him, for her mere presence makes his spirit rise.
14, They get into an argument and the guy runs away, the girl follows him but he keeps running away what happens?
I hope any kind of argument is allowed, because this is the one that actually happened, some time after their wedding. The matter is in that he is the owner of about a dozen of factories producing different things (from food to furniture) and they settled it that for every new item, they choose names in turns. The same goes for the flower cultivars, as he is also an amateur selectionist. The point of the argument was in that he developed a new rose breed what he is eager to name after his wife's name. She is uneasy about that, but he insists on his chioce.

''No, thou will listen to me, [his name]!'' she cried as she quickened her pace. ''I am fairly sure that ''important business'' of thine may as well wait for a quarter of an hour. Thou will stop and listen, unless you want the whole household to learn what trifles we are arguing over... Or the manner we call each other,'' she added in a sudden fit of inspiration. The last remark hit its target; the steps in front of her stopped.

''All right, thou are right, [her name], my precious, we should discuss that in private,'' his voice was gentle as usual, but with a slight hint of weariness. ''Shall we take a seat then?''

''Sit or stay, it does not matter...'' she tried to object, but he took her arms in his, as just firmly as tenderly, and made them both sit down on a sofa.

''Now listen to me, my dearest,'' he continued in a tone of kind patience as if talking to a child. ''There is nothing to argue about. It is my right to decide on the names that fell to me. I do not interfere when it is thine turn to choose, and I would be immensely grateful if you let me to have the freedom of choice with mine ones.''

''But what thou do is too much already! I just – I do not want anything more featuring my name. There are thousands of things you can name a rose after! Why should it be named after me again?!''

''Because everything I do is inspired by thee and done for thee,'' he answered earnestly. ''Thou are my love and the essence of my life; and believe me, there is nothing wrong in my desire to memorialise thine name in my humble creations. I would like people to remember the love as true and great as ours one. Moreover, there is the chance that upon coming across the mentions of it every day, be it a flower cultivar, a dye or a pack of sweets, people would  at least think over their own lives and perhaps may even want to change something to the better.''

''Why do you always win?'' She sighed, her vexation gone. As usual, she felt herself defenceless against the stare of these warm grey eyes, which, she knew, in the whole world watched only her with such tenderness...
15, Last question. They break up (or if its unrequited love, it is not answered). Who does the dumping and what happens?

The fact is, they do not break up but live happily ever after. At some point in the beginning of the story, each of them believes that his/her love is unrequited, but it is quite another matter, you know.

So msbrit90 put some questions for the participants of her Model Challenge in Doll-Makers-Domain group.
She meant us to be rather brief with the answers, but I thought I would take the chance to tell more about myself ;)

Now with no further ado, to the questions:

 Pixel gemstones - Heliodor  What year were you born in?
I was born in 1992 (although depending on the moment and mood, I can feel like anything from 15 to 100 years)

Pixel gemstones - Beryl green   What is your favourite colour?
My favourite colours are green and blue, I also like soft pastel shades (like dawn pink, cream, sagebrush green and lilac) and warm tints of chestnut, brown, orange, golden and yellow.
Oh, and I rather do not like too bright neons.

Pixel gemstones - Pearl  Animals you like
When I was little, I especially liked ducks, frogs, hares, rabbits, squirrels, hedgehogs, turtles and tortoises (even had a pet one). So
I fear I cannot name three, I just like animals in general. They are better than the most of people.

Pixel gemstones - Aquamarine  Favourite films
Again, I cannot name only three. All right, then here are some more, by genres:
Diamond (f2u)Fantasy/Supernatural/Action etc
Absolute favourites - ''The Fifth Element'', ''Stargate'' (1994 film) and James Cameron's ''Avatar''
Tiny Blue Bullet FTU  ''Star Wars'' (episodes 1-6 only!), ''Babylon 5'' (series);
Baby Blue Bullet comics-based, in the order of release - ''Batman'' (1989), ''Fantastic Four'' (2005) and ''Green Lantern'' (2011)
SkyBlue Bullet ''Lord of the Rings'' trilogy - the visual, music and cast
SeaFoam Bullet first two ''Harry Potter'' films - the magical music and nice air; ''The Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them'' is good too
Blue Bullet ''Ghostbusters'' (two films, it is already more of a comedy though)
Gems Comedy/Romantic comedy - ''Jeeves and Wooster'' series, ''One Wedding and a Funeral'' and ''Love actually''
Affinity Fluorite Historical/period fiction in general and ''The Young Victoria'' in particular (in this film, everything is perfect)
Affinity Gallium Animation/cartoons
Indigo Bullet ''Valiant''
:bademoticon: Disney - ''Robin Hood'', ''Atlantis'' and ''Pixie Hollow'' series
Tiny Dark Blue Bullet FTU the most of Mattel's ''Barbie'' series (especially ''Rapunzel'', ''The Princess and the Pauper'', ""Twelve Dancing Princesses'' and ''The Island Princess'') and ''Fairytopia''

Pixel gemstones - Nephrite Favourite books
By no means can I name three because there is a lot of them. So I name the authors and books I like the most:
Gem SapphireFantasy/Space/Science fiction
Blue Gem Andre Norton - practically everything, but especially ''Five Senses'', ''Solar Queen'', ''Mark of the Cat'', ''Forerunner'' and ''Zero Stone'' series, ''Crosstime'' and ''Operation Time Search''
Yellow Gem Arthur Clarke - ''Rendezvous with Rama'' and ''The City and the Stars''; also the most of the short stories
Green Gem J.R.R.Tolkien - ''Lord of the Rings''
Orange Gem Roger Zelazny - ''The Chronicles of Amber''
Purple Gem Ursula Le Guin - ''Earthsea'' series
Red Gem Diana Wynne Jones - ''Enchanted Glass'' and ''Howl's Moving Castle'' - read them recently and liked the cosy fairytale spirit
Gem TopazAdventure
TLoZ -- Green Rupee bullet Walter Scott - I liked the little that I had read, but I guess the rest will be wonderful too
TLoZ -- Gold Rupee bullet Alexandre Dumas - his historical fictions, not historically accurate yet amusing
Brown Gryalic Crystal Detectives
Blue Topaz Agatha Christie - almost everything that I read is amazing and cosy and with lots of humour and.. just splendid!
Amber Arthur Conan Doyle - a darker and heavier style, but many pieces of his are really good
Aventurine G.K.Chesterton - what I like is the oddity and originality, and homily of goodness (favourites being ''The Flying Inn'' and short stories from ''The Poet and the Lunatics'' and of course the stories about Father Brown)
Yellow Gryalic Crystal Humour
Crowned Diamond P.G.Wodehouse
Crowned Zircon Jerome K. Jerome
Crowned Sunstone O.Henry

Blue Gryalic Crystal Erich Maria Remarque -I read ''Three Comrades'' and ''The Black Obelisk'' and liked them in spite of the sad ending

Green Gryalic Crystal
Jane Austin - honestly it is impossible not to like her novels!

 Pixel gemstones - Topaz blue 3 fandoms you are in
Well, I suppose there is none. To tell the truth, I am not of fan-type person, have never been one.

Pixel gemstones - Adularia   Random facts about yourself and/or things you are into
Music Note Bullet (Green) - F2U I love music, especially Baroque and classical, as well as certain contemporary pieces Arrow Bullet Left (Green) - F2U!
:mnotes: I rather prefer instrumental pieces over vocal, but apparently there are some songs and operas I like too 
Sol Clef Icon mini
I play the piano Arrow Up 
Music Note Bullet (Green) - F2U I enjoy watching recordings of ballet and opera stagings Arrow Up
last rain dropI love nature!   

And I adore water, it is definitely my element!

:scroll: I am interested in history
book As it should be clear from all the above mentioned, I love to read
Quill I enjoy creating stories. Even if I never finish the most of them, nevertheless I enjoy the process of creating the characters and setting (I have several fairly customized worlds of my own).
Also I tend to learn a lot of new things while making researches for my stories, that is how originated my interest toward the history of names, heraldry, fashion history and gemmology
666I enjoy designing!
Despite I do not really know how to draw (in fact, in real life, I even hold a pen/pencil in the wrong way!),
I like to create what you can call ''pictures'' showing my ideas of outfits, characters and interiors

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Icon which I make with help of Adobe Photoshop and my computer (for I have neither a tablet nor a laptop)
For example, with my computer mouse, I drew some pixel gemstone icons:

Pixel gemstones - Ruby Ruby
Pixel gemstones - Coral Coral
Pixel gemstones - Sardonyx red and white Sardonyx, of red-and-white striped kind
Pixel gemstones - Amber Amber - one of my favourite gems
Pixel gemstones - Topaz yellow Yellow topaz
Pixel gemstones - Heliodor Heliodor - of beryl family
Pixel gemstones - Beryl green Green beryl - beryl family is one of my favourite groups of gems
Pixel gemstones - Nephrite Green nephrite
Pixel gemstones - Amazon-stone Amazonite
Pixel gemstones - ChrysopraseChrysoprase
Pixel gemstones - Emerald Emerald - of beryl family
Pixel gemstones - Aquamarine Aquamarine - of beryl family, one of my favourite gemstones ever
Pixel gemstones - Turquoise Turquoise
Pixel gemstones - Topaz blue Blue topaz

Pixel gemstones - Adularia Adularia - another one among my favourite gemstones
Pixel gemstones - Sapphire Sapphire
Pixel gemstones - Amethyst Amethyst
Pixel gemstones - Onyx black-and-white Black-and-white striped onyx
Pixel gemstones - Pearl Pearl
Pixel gemstones - Diamond Diamond                 

Some more random facts?..

Gem emoticon Well, I guess it is obvious enough - English is not my native language so I make a lot of mistakes in the texts/comments here - I can only hope that you would be a little more indulgent to me about that...

And now, the question I would like to ask my watchers and everyone who have got the chance to read this:

Do/did  you   watch/read/like   something of this? For I have always felt myself a kind of lonely in my interests...


The list of participants of Model Challenge (at different times since it was going for quite a long already)           

liz-blizz | Nelyasun | EchoesOfAnEnigma | allyvania88 | LadyDesmoria | CatWoman-cali-onyx | DarkQueen013 | AngelOfBeauty88 | Princess-Rosella | onlyindreams145 | whitewolfdreamer27 | Rai-Knightshade | misstudorwoman | GingerDancer | Arimus79 | MisMae | adrianaTheGirlOnFire | flowerpower71 | aotearoa-geek13 | RachbakN | Sonicgirl141 | DionneJinn | MermaidMichelle | zebulonv | Athena126 | falling-lights-3127 | LavenderSeaFairy |StargazerSammie | Impossibly-Me | youngwolf13 | DionneJinn | LadyoftheLily | Kikai-Kumo | Daughterofthehunt10 | IndyGirl89 | Persinette-Rose | MasterOf4Elements | PuertoRicanBelle | Life-Of-The-Machine | FANNItasticFangirl | MelATCK | KatPerson098 | ForeverThirteen | StarryKnightPixie | KinHikari | ginger85125 | MadastheHatter27                                                   


Arrelline's Profile Picture
Frankly, I felt myself not quite easy at DeviantArt at first, since it is a site for true artists. And this is surely not about me.

But I have always enjoyed seeing other people' works. And later, with help of Photoshop, editing them according to my taste. So photomanipulation is "my everything".

I should apologise beforehand for the possible copyright violation, as far as some of stock items I am using now were found when I did not think about publishing my works yet and did not care about checking out the authors of content.
Thus I give credit and links to the people whom I can find.
In case if you see that I used in my works your pieces of arts that you posted at DeviantArt, please let me know and I will give you credit.

Page Divider by Piirustus Page Divider by Piirustus Page Divider by Piirustus

Pixel gemstones - Aquamarine by ArrellineAnd another one thing. Pixel gemstones - Aquamarine by Arrelline
If you see my deviation, give a comment please. It's very important for me to know what you think about it!

.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot Please comment :Stamp: by KooboriSapphire

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