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Mortal Kombat X - Who's Next?



So the new trailer for Mortal Kombat X came out the other day, and I literally lost my shit. It was probably one of the most beautiful things I've seen in years and got me all kinds of hyped up. I watched it a few times, drooled over Scorpion's new costume design on their site, and thought about it all night while I tried to sleep. I had to create a fan art. And I love Scorpion. He's probably my favorite ninja of all time, and I've dug him since I was a little girl, so I have no clue why I've never done any art of him before. Anyway, hope you all enjoy. That costume was a beast to create as there wasn't a whole lot of reference to go off of other than the trailer and the High res waist up photos on their site. And I noticed some differences between the two, so I hope it's accurate enough. So much detail in that suit! I would hate to render that sucker!

Photoshop CS3 - roughly 12 hours.
Textures really bring things to life. I used a multitude of textures from Feel free to click on the Download button to see all the detail in the image.
I do not own Scorpion or Mortal Kombat. They belong to NetherRealm Studios & Warner Brothers.
Art by me, A. R. Crebs. :D

#MortalKombatX #Scorpion
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