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Draconic Saviour Chap 2
The three Spartans of Red Team were joined aboard their Pelican by four of their new allies, members of “Fang Team”. The Draconians were huge, slightly larger than even the Brutes, standing at two and a half metres on average, and were clad in slightly blocky “Solaris” power armour. This was the maximum number they could fit inside the Pelican along with the three Spartans, who were equipped with bulky external thruster packs.
“[We are approaching the Storm of Darkness,]” the pilot reported, “[The hull seems to be containing most of the radiation. We should be able to get within one hundred metres.]”
“We should insert via what’s left of the bridge,” Jerome stated, “the radiation should be less intense, and its fairly close to the munitions magazines.”
“That makes sense,” one of them said. There were four emblems on the right side of his chestplate, arranged in a column, while the left side had his
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Draconic Saviour Chap 1
Noble Six, SPARTAN-III Leon B312, growled as he swung the Sabre around, turning its guns against a Seraph that was attempting to slot in behind one of the other prototype human fighters protecting the Anchor Nine orbital shipyard.
¨Damn,¨ Jorge snarled, ¨They're starting to overwhelm the others.¨
¨Are they onto us?¨Leon wondered, launching a missile quartet at the Seraph whose shields he had just downed, and turning his attention to another one.
¨[More impulse signatures detected. Dammit, it looks like the Supercarrier's sent out their entire fighter contingent!]¨
¨They certainly know we're up to something,¨ Jorge replied, ¨And they aren't taking any chances.¨
¨[Incoming Phantoms. Gunship variant!]¨
¨Dammit!¨ Leon snarled, ¨Now of all times!"
¨Avoid getting caught in a furball," Jorge said calmly. A little too calmly.
{What does he mean by-.} Leon questioned in his mind, before he realised. He felt it as well.
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X-COM Enemy Within RD Mission Report 1
  Mission Summary
    Deployed Team: Strike One
    Mission Leader: Major Lucy “Vanessa” Davies (MEC Trooper) Status; Active
    Team Members: Captain Paul “Saturn” Williams (Support) Status; Active
    Lieutenant Kostya “Ranger” Gusev (Sniper) Status; Active
    Sergeant William “Zed” Martin (Sniper) Status; Active
    Sergeant Yukiko “Smash” Soto (Assault) Status; Active
    Squaddie Zoe Dubois (Heavy) Status: Active, Promoted (Training: holo-targeting. Callsign received; “Dozer”)
    Resources Recovered: (Note; entries labelled *VS* are vehicle-mounted weapons that are [barely] light enough to carry and operate by hand.)
    Vessel Resolute Defender
    3264x Thermal Energy Con
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X-COM Enemy Within, Resolute Defense Mission 1
    Final audiovisual recording from bridge, Resolute Defender.
    “NEVEC forces incoming!”
    “Damn! Right when we don’t want them!”
    The men and women manning the bridge of the enormous mobile fortress were a mixed-seeming bag, with clothes ranging from NEVEC combat uniforms to Waysider garb to one man wearing a heavily modified suit of Bug Rancher Akrid-chitin armour . In actuality, they were one crew, but they had captured a lot of gear, and given the parallel protection levels of the various armours, what people wore was more a matter of personal preference than anything else.
    “Get us into the water. That should limit what they can use against us,” the commanding officer ordered.
    “Sir, look!”
    A large number of Granseeds had appeared in front of the moving fort
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Halo: Draconic Savior prologue
Captain James Cutter hated cryostasis revival.
Coughing, he pushed himself into a seated position.
“S-status,” he coughed.
“All systems normal,” Serena said, her avatar appearing on a nearby holographic plinth, “However, reserves of reactor fuel are running dangerously low. I’ve already scavenged additional tritium and deuterium from the base-building supplies, but that’s only a stopgap measure.”
“Serena, how long has it been?”
“U-uh,” the AI stammered, something Cutter had never seen before, in any AI.
“Serena?” he asked, his tone firm, “How long.”
“Ninteen years, ten months, five days,” Serena said reluctantly.
Cutter blinked, then frowned.
How are you still online?” he asked, “The lifespan of a Smart AI is only seven years. You had already been installed on the Spirit of Fire for two years before we found that artefa
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PCA: Back to School, DragonStrikers
Ryan Knight sighed as he wandered down the corridor. He'd been assigned this team randomly; apparently three of their members had graduated, while another had been pulled out of the academy for some reason, and his transfer had had a condition of him being added to a randomly-chosen team that had some space.
Room 221, he thought, eyeing the stretch of corridor. There was a dorm with half its number missing and some scorch marks a few doors down, but the one he wanted had been decorated by a small banner with a stylised dragon's-head logo.
Taking a deep breath, Ryan knocked firmly.
"It's open!" came the call, and the Lucario blinked, before pushing the door open and stepping through, looking around as he closed it behind him.
A tall, lean Charizard with a long ponytail and an ankle-length duster coat was reclining idly on the couch, reading what looked like a science textbook, while a Haxorus sat at the desk, apparently doing homework.
Dragons, Ryan realised, That's why
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AOH Dragonfire Legend Prologue
Spyro and Cynder rested in their rebuilt room in Warfang.
"Spyro," Cynder murmured, nuzzling him, "I thought we'd lost you."
Spyro looked at her, a loving expression on his face. "You will never truly lose me," he said, "When a dragon dies, he doesn't truly leave this world. I may have a special destiny that awaits me once I die, but that is a long way into the future. Besides, I'll always be here to watch over you."
Spyro paused for a moment, looking at his own back. A double line of silver ran on each side of his spine, shimmering in the faint light.
"A bit surprised by it?" Cynder asked, drawing a smile from Spyro.
"In a way," he replied, looking at Cynder, "but, Cynder… my elements are returning."
"They're what?" Cynder said, bolting upright, "How?! Malefor drained you of them!"
"I don't know how," Spyro replied, as perplexed as she was, "But I can sense something in the mountains… A tremendous force, but contained, likely within a dragon. It's a force of good, Cynder," h
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TLoS, DoL, Chapter 1
Spyro scanned the Valley of Avalar from the cave he and Cynder were staying in.
“You know, I liked it here the first time I came,” he said to Cynder, looking around at her.
“I know what you mean, Spyro,” she replied from where she was lying at the back of the cave.
A noise from the valley made Spyro whip his head around and scan the area. It wasn’t any noise he had ever heard before; a sort of sound that was almost like an explosion, but one that had been focussed into a controlled burst.
A creature that Spyro recognised as one of Malefor’s minions slammed into the cliff and disintegrated into a spray of gems.
“What the-?” Spyro spluttered, taken completely off-guard.
A beam of blue light swept across the spot that the creature had just been in. It passed just over Spyro’s head and slammed into the back of the cave, before sputtering out.
“What was that?” Cynder asked, clambering to her feet.
“Gangway!” yelled a voice, a
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TLoS, DoL, prologue
Ignitus took a few moments to study the book of deaths, and then murmured, “Now then, young dragon, where might you be?”
When the book did not react, Ignitus willed it back to its shelf, and called down Spyro’s book. Opening it to the last few chapters, Ignitus read about his own apparent death, Spyro’s near corruption, the battle through the Burned Lands, the battles in the Floating Isles, Cynder’s near corruption at the hands of Malefor, her return, and then, in glorious, blow-by-blow detail, the battle with Malefor.
Ignitus read on, saw the final words of Cynder within the heart of the world, and was a little surprised to see his own meeting with the Chronicler within the book, culminating in his own words, and a very brief mention of Spyro and Cynder flying above the Valley of Avalar.
Ignitus’ eyes glimmered with tears at the description the book gave of what they were doing.
“The Dance of Victory,” he murmured, a feeling of pride swelling in
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TLOS, Dragons of Legend, blurb
Spyro and Cynder have finally completed their long and difficult journey, both apart and together, and, to a great many peoples, they will remain forever in their hearts and legends.
However, their adventures are not yet over. Malefor’s influence has not yet left the world, and new Guardians must be chosen to carry the torch to a new generation.
New enemies begin to emerge as well; the jaguars, the fierce rivals of the cheetahs, renegade dragons, and even old enemies return, intent on revenge.
But Spyro is not alone. Cynder steps forward once again to fight by Spyro’s side, and new allies begin to emerge; Jaxamar, known to all as Jax, a young blue-black dragon wielding the mysterious powers of Dragonfire, Maya of Southern Skies, a rare and mysterious Jungle Walker Elementalist; Spyro’s parents, Scorchus and Volta; Jax’s parents, Furnblaze and Ryliss; and the young Guardian candidates, Flameus, Ember, Frosta, Tremor, Gaia, and Stella.
Together, these dragons make up
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Dragon story, Chapter 2
“Doctor, the facility is in complete lockdown.”
The man shook his head, “It’s not going to be enough; those are the Knights of Asguard.”
Almost on cue, one of the blast doors on screen seemed to vanish, and several knights, one of them clad in distinctive blue-and-grey armour, with those all too familiar green anti-grav wings.
This one paused for a moment, and then used a familiar bastard sword to cut through another door, this one leading into the operating theatre.
“Hey!” the Doctor said, indignant, “We’ve got a test subject in there!”
After a moment, sound filtered through on the monitor; the Knight, having found the test subject, was speaking over a radio to the others, “I’ve got a cobalt-furred female in here, prepped for cranial surgery. I’ll take care of her, but will you guys be all right?”
“Yeah. We’ll be fine, Dracomar. Just get the female out of here.”
“On it.”
Dracomar appeared in
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Dragon story, prologue
Many young children clustered around a greying dragon, eager for a story.
“Tell us a new one. Please, sir. Our local storyteller just tells the same stories over and over.”
“Very well. Have you heard of the one of the Great Dragon Ancestors?”
“Yes. Our storyteller’s told us that one about a thousand times.”
The old dragon smiled, amused by the youthful exaggeration, and then rubbed his chin, “What about the one of the knights that once protected the Kingdom of Asguard and the true dragon?”
“The modern ones?”
“I was thinking the ancient ones, but if you want the modern ones, I have the perfect tale. One of adventure and heroism.”
There were exclamations of delight, and the old dragon smiled, “Now then, how did it start again? Ah yes. Dracomar.”
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Character profile
Name: Za’nock (Translation: Tornado, or more literally; Large/Big Twister)
Nickname: He is occasionally called Tornado by his friends since that’s what his name means.
Age: 16
Birthday: 11TH of November.
Hometown: Grotto/New Mobotropolis (The two are connected by a tunnel). He often stays at Freedom HQ.
Family: Kara’na (Dragon Wind) Father
Ira’li (Lady of Light) Mother
Ki’li (Little Lady) Baby Sister
Zi’na (The Wind) Soulmate
Kira’nesh (Being of Lightning) Zi’na’s brother; sort of a brother-in-law, also know as Za’nock’s Brother of Soul
Kila’na (Fiery Wind) Kira’nesh’s Soulmate, is Za’nock’s Sister of Soul
Friends: Karaneth (Dragon Fist), Jake Prower, Rebecca, Arcturus Prower (Mentor), May Prower, Kyle Dragonblade, Tess Dragonwing, Light Jake, Sonic and Co, other members of the Blade of Truth
Enemies: Rak’da (Dark One) who is intent of stealing his Soulstone and using it for his own purposes, Eggman (o
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ImmortalShande contest entry by Arratra ImmortalShande contest entry :iconarratra:Arratra 3 4
PCP lab Log: Jake Prower tests
Priority Transmission: PCP (Purity/Corruption Powers) Laboratory log/death knell.
Speaker appears within view of the camera: they are neatly-dressed in a white lab coat, and speaking crisply and clearly.
“Your Highness, Doctor Robotnik. We have received the subject. His powers appear to be in balance currently.”
Screen jumps to next recording.
“My lord, we have tested his limits. He becomes increasingly more difficult to injure the further towards Purity he goes… It is as you suspected. Also, He appears to become somewhat more dangerous; We have discovered that his Purity abilities become more and more effective the further towards his Pure Jake form we push him by forcing him to use his abilities; Light Shield lasts longer and cools-down more quickly, Purity restores more of his vitality. He has tried to break out a few times: His offensive abilities have no effect on the shield in place around him. He is almost about to enter Pure Jake form no
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DQ Universe races
This is simply a list of the races I have created, borrowed, or used thus far in my Dragonquest stories, one of which is being evaluated for publication as of Sunday the tenth of august 2008.
Race: Dragonmaster
Type: Dragonkind
Affiliation: United Systems, Dragonreach Alliance
Breeds (if applicable): Peasant, Schneider, Magus, Blaster, Noble, Dragon (Rare grouping of breeds, each of which is named after the dragon breed of it's origin; hence, RoyalDragonmaster); Sub-breeds: Fire, ice, earth, water, air (also sometimes called wind), energy (sometimes called electric), light, darkness. Sub-race: Shadowmaster. (In many respects Shadowmasters are the opposing force of Dragonmasters. They are vicious and care little for anyone but themselves, unless they are "redeemed"; which happens if they find true love. Rosalyn Shadowtip is a half-breed; her father was a redeemed Shadowmaster.)
Colour: Variety; However, all Noble Breed Dragonmasters have metallic scales.
Origin: Created in a freak accid
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I recently broke my old Chromebook, so I've replaced it with a new HP laptop. The Windows 8.1 interface is clunky, but I'm slowly getting used to it.

In other news, I've got Space Engineers working, along with the bonus game I purchased with it. Miner Wars is a surprisingly fun little game from the same developer, and using some of the same assets, as Space Engineers. Unlike Space Engineer's wide open sandbox (where any stories are created by the player), Miner Wars has a complete, and interesting, storyline.
In Miner Wars, you play as the pilot of a small, armed mining craft (which you pilot throughout the entire game... even in places where it makes little to no sense; also, everyone else is doing the same with their own small craft).
Also, don't expect to be able to fly from one end of the solar system to the other on your own; the resources (including fuel and oxygen) you can carry aboard your little ship are finite (even when extended into your cargo bay [which I recommend doing]; your cargo capacity is finite), and it would also take a prohibitively long time. Fortunately, there's a carrier craft called a "Sapho" that can do that for you.
There's one last thing to mention; the game features a (limited) solar activity mechanic, with the solar flares being semi-frequent. A spacecraft your size isn't able to withstand them, so your only protection against this is to have something large between you and the sun (this includes being in an interior space).

Just make sure you're not going to have something popping up when you play it; my desktop keeps experiencing this glitch that causes the audio system manager to pop up (and stealing priority over every other program). Normally, it's a nuisance at worst, but it causes Miner Wars to crash every single time.

Huh, looks like I just turned this journal into a game review. Oh well.


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