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Second Generation Proto Vampire

Not really a "Generation" rather just a stage in the evolutionary line of Vampires in my Cainverse.

These were the "Vampires" of over a hundred thousand years ago, large ferocious creatures drastically different from modern vamps that fed on early man (as well as extinct animals such as Mammoths and Smilodon). Due to their blood being so close to the original source when early humans were infected they would transform much larger and more demonic, through the generations the vampiric strain became more and more diluted and they began looking more and more humanoid.

The next notable stage in Vampire Evolution looked something like this:
Slightly smaller, without the wing-like appendages on their forearms (though they still possesses thick membrane under their arms) and an overall less monstrous appearance.
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better and better combat pose:trophy:, it looks great.
Badass work there. Love it
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Okay. This looks bloody awesome, pun intented.

Specially the mouth.