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First Generation Proto Vampire

A rather quick yet fairly accurate sketch of the first "Vampire" in the Cainverse, created over 100,000 thousand years ago when a member of a species of demon known as Nocturni somehow managed to slip into our world and attacked a Neanderthal. The Neanderthal managed to escape being devoured but had been gravely wounded during the encounter, later that night the infection ravaged his body, fusing with his cells and transforming him into the first "Vampire".
The virus mutated his body far more then that of the vampires today, being directly infected by the demon species responsible he transformed into a beast that looked very similar to an actual Nocturni (A large bat-like monstrosity).

This first generation Proto-Vamp was one of a kind as every neanderthal/human whom it infected became "Second Gen" Proto-Vamps:
Unlike the second generation which were unable to fly (Their wing-like appendages instead allowed them to glide great distances after jumping high into the air with their powerful back legs) the First Gen actually mutated full fledged wings instead of arms which did allow it to fly. It was much larger then the Second Gens (Around 14 feet at the shoulders) and much stronger.

>>Nocturni Info<<
-Nocturni were the demonic species responsible for the creation of all Vampires (which are a result of the Nocturni DNA being fused with that of a Human). They usually make their home in a hell dimension known as Nocturnia which is a realm of complete and utter darkness. The Nocturni themselves resemble a cross between a Dragon and a Bat and are quite large compared to humans. In their world they are virtually immortal and are only able to be slain through decapitation. The only time a Nocturni was ever recorded to have left their realm was when one somehow managed to enter our world through a dimensional rip one night. During that night it managed to infect a member of the neanderthal species, creating the first vampire. Not long afterwards it ended up being killed when the sun rose. In a realm where no light exists the Nocturni had no idea that light was extremely fatal to them (Having never encountered it) and it couldn't escape fast enough, its body combusted and fell to earth.
>>End of Nocturni info, stay tuned for a picture of an actual Nocturni hopefully soon<<
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i like. me want see nocturni. now.

lol neanderthalic XD