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The list of packs that each of my Tokotas belongs to. List also includes Tokos I do not own if they are members of the pack.

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Eclipse Journal Test

Testing things out to see how Eclipse handles journals 'cause I'm doing the feedback survey.

So far, for the new Eclipse layout in overall, I'm generally disappointed, and even though I keep trying to give it a chance, I just keep ending up switching back to Classic.

For all that Eclipse is supposed to be 'sleeker' and more 'modern' and 'easy to use,' it's actually none of those.

I'm having the hardest time looking for things??? Where'd this go, how to do I find this thing, where the hell did this feature disappear into the void to??

Things like the notification center are AWESOME, DA. Seriously. Do you know how convenient it is to have everything new you have to see/read all in one place? Do you know how inconvenient it is to have to go looking through 3 different pages to find where the hell the group notifications went??

Oh, maybe the new DA just doesn't care about groups at all. It's a possibility, since groups don't even get to beta Eclipse, it's still the Classic site, with the Eclipse headerbar. That has no clickable anything by the way, not even the little "Deviant Art" logo in the center. So you have to find a deviation or journal to click on, so you can get a navigation hud back.

I was super excited when Eclipse was first mentioned, don't get me wrong. The option to have a brighter/darker layout was really appealing, and seeing the new features coming in was exciting.

But then I realized that the new features were going to be the only features. ....................What?

ADDING, new features it awesome, I'm all for it, it's always better for people to have more options!

But REMOVING the current customization options? Uhhh. No, DA, this isn't a trade. And if that's what you're proposing, I'd like to keep what I already have, thanks.

I know this is a shock to the DA designers, but not everyone here is trying to be a professional artist, who needs every available inch of space to market themselves, so they can make money to live off of.

As someone who doesn't like their current art style, I don't want to see my art splashed on every spare pixel of my profile page. I don't want to show everything I've ever submitted all over my page. I like it the way it is? Y'know, showing the things that are currently important to me? Showing things that people viewing my page are more than likely to be looking for? No? Nobody in the design department cares about giving the artist the choice on how things are displayed? Oh, well, I figured I'd try anyway...

DA is not social media, it doesn't need a frankly GIANT header to grab people's attention. I don't visit random people's pages, look at what's on the profile and then decide if I want to check their art out or not. I usually find an image that interests me from someone else's favorites, check out the gallery, and then check out the profile. I don't need to see a gigantic, blown-up version of a deviation that I probably already saw, to make me look at this person's stuff. The header is actually a deterrent, because it makes you do more work to get to their gallery/see their submissions.

A potential solution to the giant, useless, header, would be if you could customize it to have buttons, or links, to allow people to use it as a personal navigation. That would be awesome. But just a giant splash page? That's useless.

I am, and so many other people are, here for the communities. DA has always been, first and foremost, a community of artists. People were making groups before Groups by making an extra profile to host it. Then Groups officially came along and opened up a world of possibilities on how everyone can interact with each other. And now Eclipse is coming along and threatening to take all that away.

Have any of the website developers seen some of the user profiles/group homepages here? They're incredible! Artists here have been able to take the standard DA formats and made almost customized websites out of them! The skill and talent to make a standard, formatted, profile/homepage look like it's own standalone website is immense. The beauty of the current/Classic DA page is the limitless possibilities.

As someone who's been on DA for over 15 years, I'm kinda worried about how big a back-slide this update's looking to be.

Other things Eclipse is buggering up:

- Featured comments don't stand out anymore. They look like every other comment with a little trophy under the poster's name.

- Endless scrolling for comments. Why the endless scrolling everywhere?? Why do all these website designers keep thinking this is the future of comment viewing? This just means you have to scroll for 30 minutes to find a comment that was made a week ago!!!

- If you click on a comment from your notifications, you can't navigate to the parent comment or even the journal it's posted on. .....Why? Why remove that ability? What is the point of making it harder to navigate the site??

- BOLD Font doesn't show up in journals??? I just submitted this thing, and all the bold text is indistinguishable from the normal text once submitted, but it's still here if I come back to edit. I'm laughing at the absurdity. Everything underlined, is also bold.

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Submitted on
August 14, 2016


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