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SheduCats : Handler : Evan Almasi

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"Original Verse" Handler information

Name: Evan Almasi
Gender: Male
D.O.B.: August 4 || 30 years old
Nationality: American
Height: 6'1" || 186cm
Eye colour: Bright Blue
Hair colour: Mixed Brown
Bodybuild: Solid, lean musculature
Additional details about appearance: Mostly clean cut, but still managing to keep a very slight scruffy edge to his appearance, Evan looks like a typical soldier-type. His skin is slightly tanned, owing to his Arabic heritage, but other than that minor detail, he looks like your average Caucasian male. When allowed to grow out, Evan's hair tends to stick straight out in wild, random cow-licks, and is generally difficult to tame. Evan doesn't really gain or lose weight easily, often having to dedicate considerable effort and planning to put on muscle or shed any extra pounds.

Profession: Soldier; Komainu Cavalry
Professional Points:
Respect Points:
Merit Points:
Traits & Skills:
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Personality: Evan is confident and stubborn, believing in the "fake it till it's natural," approach to uncomfortable situations. He's very generous with his time and money, often helping out with whatever catches his attention. Evan is also loyal and supportive, willing to go the extra mile to help friends and loved ones achieve their goals. Due to his own slightly ambitious nature, this can also end up with him being very bossy and overbearing despite his good intentions. As a soldier he'd never admit it, but he's also rather melodramatic at times, making mountains out of mole hills with predictable frequency.

  • Born as the middle child of three kids.
  • Parents got divorced when kids were still young.
  • Became interested in Shedus because of his stepdad's cat.
  • Given Kadar as a (belated) 17th birthday gift from his stepdad.
  • Graduated high school and joined the military's Komainu Cavalry.
    • Broke up with high school sweetheart because she was mad that when he was home, he showed more affection to his cat than to her.
  • Did a few tours of duty both abroad and stateside.
  • Is currently stationed stateside, so he's not really worried about anything at present.
  • Loves cats, so he spent a lot of time hanging out at the Jotunwald Cattery.
    • Brings Kadar everywhere with him. The Komainu likes to see the other cats, too.
  • Spends so much time at Jotunwald that he decided to become a self-appointed-"volunteer" at the cattery.

  • Huge fan of the Gatos Locos Club.
    • Would do just about anything to get to train at, or even just visit the facility.
  • Lived with his mother, stepdad, older sister, and younger brother.
    • Father got remarried. He and his wife used to take the kids for the occasional weekend or vacation.
  • Joined the military because he idolized his stepdad, who was also in the Komainu Cavalry till a hip injury forced him out of the field.

Cattery: Jotunwald
Cat Yard: n/a
Shedus: Kadar

Jotunwald Handler information

Primary Cat: Kadar
Secondary Cat(s): None
Job at Jotunwald: (Self-appointed) Volunteer
Reason for coming to Jotunwald Cattery: Visitor/Volunteer
Any additional information: Hangs out at Jotunwald between deployments. Enjoys being around all the cats + giving his own kitty a chance to socialize around more than just "work friends."

Jotunwald App by the7eventhrider
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Gives 5%  better chance on finding secret locations in said district/area
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Komainy Cavalry by Templado
Right to attend study at KCSF academy without passing exams
At any show, which your character attends no matter if his mount is komainu, k-cross or ordinary shedu, it will give the team additional 3 points towards final score.

To affect scores at shows:
Badge must be depicted attached to rider`s outfit
listed in entries description
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