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Bugger... Drew on the wrong sized app. Will redo on the bigger version. x_X
edit: Fixed size, minor edits.

Name: Abraxas (Axas)
Age: 6000+
Birthday: June 8
Role: DevilDog
Weapon: his voice (primary; lies, deceit, manipulations), claws/tail (secondary), teeth (alternate; dislikes this one as he has to be really close to a person to use it); while disguised as a human, he carries around a sword or a bow and arrows sometimes to explain why he hasn't been attacked while traveling solo (not very good with them).
Special Abilities/Strengths: the ability to hide any and all tells that he is a demon (most people think he is a normal human until he chooses to reveal himself.) and heightened physical strength (not, like, Superman strong, but stronger than humans.)
Weaknesses: holds grudges like no-body's business, becomes genuinely confused when presented with real forgiveness or understanding towards those he has manipulated, has no real emotional support (so the few times he's been honestly attached/upset he has had a hard time getting the person out of his head/heart afterwards), emotionally detached (understands emotions well enough to fake them, but doesn't know how to handle feeling them himself)

-Public: kind, generous, spontaneous, fun; slightly insecure
-Private: confident; cold; calculating; cut-throat; conniving, manipulative; chronic liar; bitter; spiteful; (maybe a little insecure....)
-Likes: winning; when everything goes according to plan, getting his way; getting revenge; manipulating people; manipulating angels in particular; being trusted; that moment when someone who trusts him realizes that he never cared for them in the first place; "his angel"
-Neutral: stalemates (he can always win later, it's not like he's got a deadline); working with a partner (he never really trusts people, but he doesn't mind working with them. Good partnerships usually end with him liking his partner a little, but bad partnerships usually end with him betraying said partner); blood (as long as it's not his); other demons; sex; men; women; (gender doesn't matter) magic; children, adults, and elderly (age makes no difference to him either)
-Dislikes: losing; when plans fall apart; when someone "gets one over" on him; suspicious people; that moment when he finds out he's in danger of genuinely caring for an intended victim; exorcists; humans; angels; "his angel"

History: Abraxas is an older demon, several thousand years old in fact. In all his years of wandering the land, he's perfected his two main skills to an art form. His first talent is masking any and all traces of his demon-ness (while in his human form) and his second, greater talent is lying. He's spent the greater part of his life time getting close to angels, good Samaritans, and exorcists alike, and once he has their complete confidence, as a good friend, a confidant, or a lover, he betrays them completely. He will usually use his victim as a source of information, or sometimes, an "in" on a place he'd like to infiltrate. He rarely gets into confrontations, and tries to be as forgettable as possible. He never "works" in the same area twice in a century, and he's always careful to lay low for a while after destroying someone.

There have been times where Abraxas has taken friends or lovers and not killed or completely ruined them, but they tend to never have been important to him in the first place; expendable at best. There was only one person he's ever truly, honestly cared about before. Up to his usual tricks, Axas got close to an angel. Unlike his other victims, this angel managed to connect to a seldom reached part of Axas; his heart. One day, he came clean to "his angel," and was almost killed for it. Since then, Axas has taken particular care to never invest himself in a target, further than he can pull back; over the centuries, that's amounted to 6 would-be victims who have "escaped." Out of bitterness and lingering pain, he takes particular joy out of "damaging" an angel.

Additional Info:
-Sexuality: flexible; whatever he needs to be for any given target
-Favorite color: gold (like his eyes); it makes him feel valuable
-Least favorite color: green; (unless it's gemstones or similar) he feels green represents plants, growth, and renewal, and he has no use for any of those
-First memory: his only memory from his childhood (because it was so long ago) is his mother smoothing her muzzle through his mane and putting him to bed after they found out his father had left her for another female
-Biggest regret: falling in love with his angel
-Favorite food: anything made of meat; his demon form is carnivorous, and while his human form can eat vegetables and the like, he still has an aversion to them
-Petpeeves: being touched, he doesn't like anyone enough to trust them touching him, but he really hates it when he's acting as a human, and his current "lover" or "friends" touch him, because to keep up the act, he then has to allow it, and act like he enjoys/draws comfort from it.

-"I love you, you're the best thing that's ever happened to me!"
-"Of course you can trust me! I'll always be here for you..."
-"Yeah, of course I can keep a secret. I'd never betray you like that."
-"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you.... You know I'm only looking out for your best interests, right...?"
-"Don't do this! You know me! You're the only one who knows me!"
-"Don't touch me."
-"If you don't trust anyone, you're less likely to get hurt..."
-"So sorry, Sweetheart. But you should've looked a little closer before giving your heart away."
-"Well now, that's interesting."

Other Images:
-E-N: Axas Icon
-"Tell me a story?" (It's a joke from an rp.)
-"So, come here often?" (Another joke.)
-"Just Feathers, right?" (Rp)

Other Characters:
-Caliel (Angel Superior- New Friend/Target) belongs to *Miss-NeoKitsune
-Luther Kobayashi (Fellow DevilDog) belongs to ~Avryis

#Exorcist-Nocturnal is founded by ~arme-chan
Abraxas belongs to me

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Avryis Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2012  Student Digital Artist
wow sorry i just now rememberd i was going on a greet meet omg ;_;
Luther: < you bow your head at the other and smile > Welcome to the Devils dog territory. If you.. Require anything oh please do ask.
arrancar5489 Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2012
LOL No worries. (Went to go creep around Luther's app sheet; he's pretty cool.)

Axas: *inclines his head slightly, the corner of his mouth quirking up* Fancy running into another "dog" at a time like this. *chuckle* Name's Abraxas. Though if you'd prefer, "Axas" is fine, too. Your are?
Avryis Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2012  Student Digital Artist
noooo onono nono fgej its so old! he's changed 100% more!
Luther: < your eyebrows raise > Well its not normal that another Dog doesn't know me. Luther is my name... Iv'e been here for maybe the longest. Second in command of the dogs under our Superior.
arrancar5489 Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2012
lol Got an updated version? šuš
Axas: *his eyes widen in surprise, but the small grin stretches into a smirk* Oh, well in that case, it's a pleasure to meet you. Sir. *a slight drawl creeps into his voice* I'm rather new; promoted just recently. I haven't met anyone else yet. So, what do you do exactly? I didn't get all the details about positions, but then again, underlings don't question the Great One, do we..?
Avryis Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2012  Student Digital Artist
;w; well not really. i guess just from my newest Deviants is what i got and stuff.
Luther: < Your flashed smile leaves. You did not like how he was acting a little cocky. That had to be normal; it was still annoying. > Oh so iv'e heard. the superior i am normally.. with recently stepped down for a... < you frown deeply, with disgust and scoff > human . And don't give me that type of attitude. The newest superior is much more work to deal with. I am their most loyal dog. Basicly... i do a lot of the work. I work out what to do with the newer members... How they do their commands, positions.... rights . < you pause. your eyes narrow to scan him > And you can almost say i am second in strength?
arrancar5489 Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2012
(Went to go creep your gallery now. Very nice :D I like your coloring. šuš)

Axas: *tilts his head, the smirk melting into a mellow grin* Forgive me, it's not often I speak with fellow demons....I tend to forget myself a bit. *looks away for a moment then back to Luther, a slight growl to his voice* I had heard the Lady stepped down... But for a human? Pitiful. For a demon, a Devil Dog, to surrender to such soft emotions... Pathetic. *Axas scowls momentarily, before his features smooth out again, his voice blank and even* I'm not looking to challenge. I'm not a combatant. I was promoted for my cunning and silver-tongue, rather than strength or special powers.
Avryis Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2012  Student Digital Artist

(( oh noooo fhsdjgjdgjgerfe my stuff isn't evenrf ;_; ))

Luther: < you like to watch his expressions change so quickly. like a color pallet. > Quite. and with children to... first with an angel. It is a shame. though she still has the strength to hurt many. < your expression stays the same. Other than a small sigh, your eyes close> And that if fine. Being a Devil dog is not all about combat. < he taps his head> skill. memory. words. And if i do not want to get into much combat, i can use little shadow helpers. they seem to work quite well.
arrancar5489 Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2012
(Lies, your stuff's really nice.♥)

Axas: *relaxes a little since the intimidating vibes dissipated* Children...? *he sneers at the very thought* The Lady really has lost her pride, hasn't she? *his expression tightens for a moment and mutters under his breath in a bitter tone* It's always angels, isn't it. *his features relax again, and he focuses back on Luther with a slight grin* I would hope so. I'd be rather useless if it were just up to physical strength and combat skills. "Shadow helpers," huh? *interested despite himself* What're they...?
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fishattack Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
GAWD you do a lot of apps. Well I like this guy. And his colors. And his demon form. I think he's coool.
arrancar5489 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2012
LOL I like making characters. XD I can spit out a basic character with back-story in half an hour or less. It's doing the line-art that takes the most time. ^^; And thank you~♥

I actually wasn't really expecting to get into AU, and I doubt I'll get into PS, but it's a lot of fun anyway.
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