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Maya v1.0
Blender 2.79

Orignal Model from LordAardvark
Ported By Me

Completely new Torso System, not that advanced but better than my previous rigs.
Better Eye and Head Controls.
Improved Face Controls, it should be easier to pose the mouth and eyebrows now.
Simplier FootIKs like my Jill Rig.
Coloured Bones, should help with finding what bones you want

Any issues, suggestions or requests contact me.

Known Issues:
Foot Roll Deforms are odd when Maya is nude. Use Foot Ctrl for better rotation deforms.

Unpack textures to another folder if you are having memory issues.
Jill Valentine v0.7
Jill Valentine Blender 2.79
Orignal Model by Redmenace and MrSmugBastard
Rig by Me


This is not a full release. I have come across an issue during the final stage.
This 0.7 version has half the outfits removed due to a weighting issue.
There are alot of outfits for this model and its very time consuming to go through each so I thought someone might like to use it in the meantime.
The rig is fully complete and in perfect working order. An improvement of my Gaige rig.

New Features:
Finger CTRL bone meaning if you want to bend all bones simply rotate this ctrl bone
Jaw CTRL bone allows you easy access to opening her jaw.
Actual Face Ctrl Bones, no more of them confusing stick bones
Simpler Footiks, easier to rig with and edit for future modifications.

Future Plans:
Due to the amount of outfits Redmenace puts on the models, I may port it over to blender 2.80 for easier navigation
I plan on doing this for his Supergirl model and Lara croft.... eventually.

Any issues contact me as that means the issues will be in the full version, (1.0).
Any request or suggestions contact me also.

If you would like the RE3 Outfit contact me as it is not in this build of the model.
Thank you for the messages, I am happy you enjoy my model ports. I've gotten a few questions so here's a short FAQs

As for requests,

Q: Do you do model requests?
A: Yes, I am happy to port a model over to blender if you ask.

Q: How much?
A:It is free. I'm not sure its right to profit from other peoples hard work.

Q: Where is that model from
A: All models or model authors will be linked or mentioned in the description of the model.

Q:What happened to Shepard?
A: There was a texture issue that I want to fix but forgot.

Q:What're working on now?
A:I update this entry when I'm working on a model I plan to release. Blender Model W.I.P


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