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"Quartermaster Tern, at your service."

Gender: Female (She/Her)
Age: Adult
MasterlistMothcat ID #1495
Character PageToyhouse

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Grizzled and mysterious, Tern is intimidating to those who see her briefly. Her long fur is windswept, she walks with a limp in one hind leg, and her mariner's jacket is worn and crusted with salt. She seems content to maintain this persona, not being one for casual conversation. Tern has worked proudly for many years on the ferry that runs back and forth between Aldora and the mainland and seems well versed in everything maritime. During her time off, she can usually be found fishing or lounging in the back of a portside bar, where a drink can get you a thrilling tale from her life on the sea. She is the aunt of Cormorant and Arche, and though she doesn't see them often, would do anything to protect them. She dotes especially on Cormorant, who inherited her love of the sea.

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