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"Adventures in solitude, never done."

Gender: Trans Demiguy (He/They)
Age: Young Adult (Late Twenties)
MasterlistMothcat ID #805
Character PageToyhouse

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Quinn is a Mothcat whose young adult life seems to have been defined by a persistent and pensive sadness. Calm and gentle but highly reserved, he is only now, in his late twenties, making an effort to shrug off this burden and begin to live his life again. In spite of his melancholy mood, he is very hard to upset, and often serves as a wise and calming presence for others, taking life one step at a time as it comes to him. His favorite activities are people-watching, walks in the rain and daydreaming long, meandering stories to pass the time.


Bird - Chicken: Plymouth by Mothkitten

Mothcats and all subspecies are a closed species by @/floramisa. You cannot make your own!

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