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"What masterpieces shall we make today?"

Gender: Trans Woman (She/Her)
Age: Adult
MasterlistMothcat ID #381
Character PageToyhouse

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Hemlock is an elementary and middle-school art teacher with an eye for the spooky and a flair for the dramatic. Passionate and creative, she encourages her students to express themselves, even if they have to paint outside of the lines to do so. Though art and teaching are both her passions, the class is poorly funded and often draining, even at a private school. She is both popular and divisive among her students for her offbeat nature and tendency to play spooky organ music in class. Hemlock and Clyde are head-over heels in love, and the strange cupcake Mothcat is often the subject of her paintings. She has recently reconnected with her older sibling Ilex.

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Flower Crown - Trans Pride by Mothkitten Fingerpaint by Mothkitten  Flower - Bouquet of Roses by Mothkitten 



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