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Winter Advent Day 29 - Swan Prince(ss)



Hi guys! Today marks the end of my contributions for the Mothcats 2017 Winter Advent, with an After Party Auction! The theme I chose was Swan Prince(ss), and not only that, they are a warrior prince(ss)! Their armor (at least the top bits) is etched with scenes/motifs from Swan Lake that are probably hard to make out (and can probably just be replicated as swirls per their new owner's preference). They wear a single rose around their neck, which in my headcanon, they carry in honor of a fallen friend - but that's, again, up to the interpretation of the new owner! You can get an idea of the pattern on their dorsal wings from the snippet on their bottom right - the coverts are outlined in black.

I hope that you like them!

Trait Info

Bullet; Blue Classic Antennae Bullet; Blue
Bullet; Blue Classic Ears Bullet; Blue
Bullet; Blue Classic Mane Bullet; Blue
:bulletpink: Cherub Wings :bulletpink:
Bullet; Yellow Feather Tail Bullet; Yellow
Bullet; Yellow Colored Sclera Eyes Bullet; Yellow
Bullet; Blue Sharp Pupils Bullet; Blue

Bullet; Purple Ornamental Wing Guards Bullet; Purple
Bullet; Purple Ornamental Gauntlets Bullet; Purple
Bullet; Purple Ornamental Pauldrons Bullet; Purple
Bullet; Purple Ornamental Rapier Bullet; Purple
Bullet; Purple Pearl Rose Necklace Bullet; Purple
Bullet; Purple Pearl Circlet Bullet; Purple

Auction Details

Starting Bid: $35/3500 Points 
Minimum Increase: $1/100 Points 
Autobuy: $125/12500 Points 

Bid Here:…

Auction ends 24 hours after the "Bid Here" comment is created.

New Owner: absiste 
- - - 

Additional Adoptable Terms of Service
  • By purchasing an adoptable, you automatically agree to the terms and conditions of Mothcats and below
  • Please credit floramisa for owning Mothcats
  • Do not claim the art as your own! (You can post it in Stash and character sites, however. Please leave credit!)
  • You may make MINOR changes to the design (color changes, slight marking changes, etc.) but they MUST be approved by floramisa before you can use it
  • You may gift, trade, and resell the adopt, but no higher than the price you paid for it 
  • You may charge extra for the adopt ONLY IF you have received permission from floramisa to do so 
  • Serious offers only, please! 
  • Please do NOT hide or edit your comments. 
  • Payment plans and holds are available but MUST BE DISCUSSED VIA NOTE prior to bidding. (Holds and payment plans are only available for AB's. Payment plans require a minimum down payment of 50%.)
  • Do not offer money you don't already have on hand UNLESS you are waiting on a paycheck within a 1-week time frame. (Holds and payment plans are only available for AB's.)
  • If available, maximum hold time is seven (7) consecutive days. 
  • Anyone found breaking the rules will be banned from Mothcats and future events.

No accessories:

Swan Prince(ss) No Clothes Small by Arquerite

You can see the remaining themes for the winter advent here: [CLOSED] Mothcats Winter Advent!

Backsplash by Arquerite and @/floramisa.

Swan wing anatomy reference:…

Mothcats and all subspecies are owned by @/floramisa.
You cannot make your own! 
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holy crap!!!!!! this is a beautiful baby!!!!!! :0!!!