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[Ref] Pull the Strings, Watch Them Dance



Matured for some big spider leggy - so, mild horror? There's a spider-less design below~

Word: Fate- Level 6 - Wicked
Name: Moira
Pronouns: She/Her
Personality: Vindictive, meddling, patronizing, unpredictable, maternal... in a weird way

Bio: This Wicked Paralogos was created by scientists who wanted to find a short-cut solution to the planet's path towards environmental degradation by tampering with fate itself. What they got instead was Moira... a chaotic and unpredictable Paralogos with little regard for others and utter apathy for their quest. Though she isn't fundamentally malicious, nor does she desire to cause pain, Moira loves to tamper with the lives of others, heedless of whatever pain might result as she acts out her word focus. She is quite helpful, in a way... but often, her attempts to "help" result in unpredictable consequences down the line - or perhaps consequences only she has predicted. Her ability to gaze into the fates of those around her gives her a decidedly patronizing air... believe her, she knows what's best for you.

She's basically your one super nosy aunt, but with demigod-like powers.

Design Notes: 

I ended up cramming... a lot of different stuff in here...
  • In Greek mythology, the Fates, or Moirai, are three characters, which I have condensed into one for the basis of design...
    • Clotho, the Spinner: she carried a spindle and spun the thread of life. Moira's design is spider-based, taking inspiration in particular from orb weavers (Argiope aurantiaNephila spp.)
    • Lachesis, the Alloter: tasked with measuring each person's portion of the thread of life
    • Atropos, the Inevitable: meant to represent the inevitability of death... Moira also carries a pair of scissors, and also has big ol' fangy
  • Her eyes are starry, because some consider reading the heavens as a way of divining their fates... and also because it looks cool
  • The markings on her hands are meant to represent palmistry lines, with the fate line in gold
  • Chest marking recalls the "butterfly effect," the idea that small events or changes can have massive impacts down the line
  • The red thread in her crest is a reference to the Red Thread of Fate - but I wouldn't recommend tying this particular one around your finger. The zig-zag pattern is common to the webs of many orb-weavers
  • Tail is chonky
Tier 1 Magic: 

1) Spider-like features (additional eyes, fangs, and legs) are retractable: 

Fate No Spider 2 by Arquerite

2) Can spin webs, appearing to pluck the strands out of the air
3) Is able to see the threads of fate that connect others

Paralogos are a closed species. 
Learn how to get your own here! 
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Oh man this is just so good Shrike!!!