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[MYO] No rest for the Wicked

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Ah, here she is! A Paralogos I've had in mind for some time now, but only now got the spark of motivation. This is Iustitia, or Tia, for short!

Word: Justice - Level 6
Name: Iustitia
Pronouns: She/Her
Personality: Self-righteous, reserved, honest, level-headed, cold at times, straight-laced, not much of a sense of humor

Design Notes:
  • Left image is for reference only; she usually carries her scales and sword and is almost never seen without her blindfold
  • Body is reflective and "statuesque"
  • Crest modeled on flames, like a fire... of... cleansing justice... or something
  • Scales only cover the main body, tail is soft in texture like most Paralogos
  • A series of scale "lights" staggered across main body
  • Expression is often muted and level
Tier 1 Magic: Resistant to forms of coercion, corruption, bribery, and bias, whether man-made or magical in nature

Bio: A surprisingly young Paralogos, after finding her word focus, Tia was drawn in no time at all to the largest law library in Sermos, full of researching students, judges, and lawyers. Once there, she happily grabbed a stack of federal statues and regulations - a historical collection, as most content in the library had been digitized - and set to reading, to the astonishment of the humans there. Her first few days were spent reading as much as she could get her hands on, and were perhaps he happiest - but word spread quickly in the following weeks that a Paralogos embodying the word "Justice" had manifested. Individuals, some unsavory, came from far and wide, vying to be her caretaker, or otherwise have some say over the development of such a potentially influential word focus. After a few incidents in which her trust was betrayed, Tia has since resisted further attempts at a closer human bond, preferring to maintain impartial and considering herself a protege of the larger community. Whether or not such an unusual arrangement is sustainable long-term, she continues to reside in the law library, growing more knowledgeable by the day and developing her ideas about morality, law, and fairness, and often sitting in on court cases, when allowed. In spite of her slightly cold demeanor towards individuals, trusting few, Iustitia respects humanity and its accomplishments on the whole. Just don't joke about "putting a thumb on the scale..." she has a notoriously poor sense of humor, and you may find yourself getting clocked on the head with those same scales.

Paralogos are a closed species. 
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4sparklesHobbyist Digital Artist
i love her so much !!! perfect!!
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ArqueriteStudent Writer
Thank you! ^^
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mewhakuHobbyist Digital Artist
Really wonderful design and character! I adore how this Level 6 word was handled ;_; Nice work Shrike!
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ArqueriteStudent Writer
Thank you, Mew! That means a ton coming from the species creator; I had a great time designing her and thinking about her character - there's so much to explore!
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mewhakuHobbyist Digital Artist
You are more than welcome~ I am happy you enjoyed working with this concept! =D