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LA Paralogos Set: Some Crusty Guys! [Closed]



Calliopius and I were given the opportunity to make an adopts set at ParalogosDictionary ! So naturally, we've brought you some crab Paralogos and some fungi Paralogos. We had a blast making them and compiling this set, so check them out!

These Paralogos will be up for Offer To Adopt!

Please reply to each individual adopt comment to offer. 
The offer guidelines will be listed on each comment; please be aware of minimum USD offers!

Offers will be chosen 1 week after posting or 48 hours after the first offer, whichever comes second.

"Lady Crab" - Level 3
Designer & Artist: Calliopius 

New Owner: Offer here for Lady Crab!

Definition: A brightly spotted swimming crab (Ovalipes ocellatus) that is very common on the sandy shores of the Atlantic coast of the U.S.
Tier 1 Magic: Extremely fast reflexes.

Lady Crab Paralogos - naked by Arquerite

"たかあしがに (taka-ashi-gani)" - Level 3
Designer & Artist: Calliopius

New Owner: Offer here for taka-ashi-gani!

Definition: A species of marine crab (Macrocheira kaempferi, known as the Japanese Spider Crab in English) that lives in the waters around Japan. It has the largest leg span of any arthropod. Their Japanese name, taka-ashi-gani, translates roughly to "long legs crab."
Tier 1 Magic: Moves very slowly.

"Pea Crab" - Level 3
Designer & Artist: Calliopius

New Owner: Offer here for Pea Crab!

Definition: Any of various globular soft-bodied crabs of the genus Pinnotheres and related genera that live commensally in the mantles of certain bivalves.
Tier 1 Magic: Has tiny dot eyes instead of regular paralogos eyes.

Pea Crab Paralogos - naked by Arquerite

"Black Truffle" - Level 2
Normal Companion - Truffle-Hunting Pig
Designer & Artist: Arquerite

New Owner: Offer here for Black Truffle!

Definition: A subterranean, mycorrhizal fungus of the Tuber genus. Considered a delicacy, the difficulty of cultivating them means they fetch a high price.
Tier 1 Magic: Has affinity for certain species of trees, such as oaks, hazelnuts, and cherries.

Truffle No Accs by Arquerite

"Veiled Lady" - Level 2
Designer & Artist: Arquerite

New Owner: Offer here for Veiled Lady!

Definition: A fungus named after the delicate skirt, or indusium, hanging below its cap. The cap containes foul-smelling slime to attract the insects which disperse its spores.
Tier 1 Magic: Smells like rotting meat.

LV No Accs by Arquerite

"Destroying Angel" - Level 2
Designer & Artist: Arquerite

New Owner: Offer here for Destroying Angel!

Definition: One of several nondescript, yet extremely toxic, fungi of the genus Amonita. Their toxicity stems from amatoxin, which inhibits RNA Polymerase II and III.
Tier 1 Magic: Body contains low concentrations of amatoxin.

Destroy No Accs by Arquerite

Paralogos are a Closed Species by mewhaku
Please don't make your own without permission!

Paralogos Terms of Service

- If you wish to discuss a payment plan, please note your desired artist beforehand. 
- Do not hide or edit comments. 
- If you don't have money at the moment, please don't offer unless discussed with the desired artist. 
- Maximum holding period is for 72 hours.
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I forgot to post these!!

(I'd message you both directly but I'm a smidge strapped for time atm hhh)

Gifts for @Inkcess and @PromptoBeans !!

Doodled these up when I was trying to figure who I wanted to go after

Hope you like them!! vuv