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I'm Shrike, a biology graduate student lost in the Midwest corn. I came to DeviantArt over 12 years ago, I'm still here! Art is my favorite way to unwind, and I'm trying to push my style and grow technically where I can. I'm a little shy but I make an effort to respond to most messages... eventually.

[Paralogos + Gift Art] Snug and Cozy

AC Honey

I'm an admin over at the Mothcats ARPG! Check out our new website,, for a cute and interactive group with a welcoming community - now free from Eclipse!

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Thanks for the Llama!

I'll try to get worth of a Watch one day!

Thanks for the llama! Your art is so cute!

OMG thank you so much!!!

Hello. I'm a random llama giver. uwu Here's a llama for you~!


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Thanks for the Llama!

Thanks for the llama