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Scythe Song’s Backstory Questionnaire: For all your backstory needs.
Disclaimer: This is mine.  You may use it so long as I am credited as the creator, and it is not used for monetary gain.  These questions are directed at your character(s).  Do not post your real information on the internet.  Perseverance leads to awesome characters!

    Let’s get this party started!

Part 1: Birth and Family

1. What day/month were you born in?
2. How does this correspond with the world’s calendar? Ex: Anniversary of an event, stars are aligned, a holiday, etc.
3. What circumstances led to your birth?
4. Did anything extraordinary happen during your birth?
5. What profession did/your parents have before you were born?
6. Did they want you to continue the trade, or encourage you to seek your own path?
7. What is your relationship with their parents?
8. Do you have siblings?
9. What is your relationship with each of them, if any?
10. How does this affect peoples’ view of you?
11. What kinds of lessons did your family think most important to instill in their children?
12. Was your family biased or prejudiced in any way?
13. What forms of discipline did they use on you?
14. Were your parents more harsh or lenient towards you or a sibling?
15. How does that affect your relationship with your family?
16. What was expected of you as you grew older?
17. Are one or both of your parents still alive?
18. If not, how and when did they die?
19. How did this affect you and your family?
20. Did you lose any siblings?
21. How did this affect you?
22. How do you view family, and what does it mean to you?

Part 2: Childhood

1. What kind of home did you live in, if any?
2. What kinds of foods did you eat?
3. Did you attend any religious gathering?
4. If so, did you enjoy it, or were you forced to go?
5. How were you treated by the clergy/other members?
6. Did you receive an education/mentorship/training, or learn from the streets?
7. What skills did you hone? Ex: Stealth, magic, acrobatics, archery, etc.
8. Are there any skills that you wish you had, but just couldn’t do?
9. How seriously did you study your skills?
10. Did you have any friends?
11. If so, who and what were they?
12. How did friendship or lack thereof affect you as a person?
13. What kind of outside dangers did you face? Ex: Weather, marauders, climate, magic…
14. How did you deal with the danger?
15. Did you have a crush or first love?
16. What kind of person were they?
17. Are they still around?
18. What moment in your childhood defined or made you the person that you are today?
19. What activities amused you the most?
20. What did your younger self aspire to be?
21. Who did you look up to?
22. What was the ideal you set for yourself?
23. What is your fondest memory?
24. Did anything extraordinary happen?
Part 3: Morality and Faith

1. What is your goal in life?
2. Why?
3. How far are you willing to go to achieve it?
4. What is power?
5. What is loyalty?
6. What is love?
7. What motivates you on a daily basis?
8. What will you do after you achieve your goal?
9. How will this goal affect you and those around you?
10. What are you willing to sacrifice in order to achieve your goal?
11. Do you have a Deity?
12. Why have you chosen this path?
13. What do you get out of it?
14. What do you think of other faiths?
15. How do you interpret your path?
16. Do others of your path see your interpretation as valid?
17. What signs do you see as having done well or ill by your path?
18. What standards do you hold yourself to?
19. What does nature mean to you?
20. How do you view animals?
21. How do you view the world?
22. How do you view others of your species?
23. How do you view other species?
24. Are you prejudiced against anyone?
25. Why?
26. Have you committed a crime?
27. If so, what was it?
28. Did you get caught?
29. What was your motivation?
30. How do you feel about it now?

Part 4: Miscellaneous Psychology

1. How and why did you start adventuring?
2. What is your favorite color?
3. What made it your favorite?
4. What is your favorite climate and terrain?
5. How did you learn to use your magic/weapons/armor?
6. How do you view the previously mentioned skills?
7. What are you afraid of?
8. What made you fear it?
9. Are you allergic to anything, and how badly?
10. What is your weakness(es)?
11. Has anything traumatic happened to you?
12. How do you cope with it/how do you relate to people who have?
13. What do you value most in a friend/ally?
14. What traits are there that you can’t stand?
15. How would you describe your homeland and its people?
16. How do you see yourself?
17. What do you hope to gain from this adventure?
18. Do you have a lover?
19. What do they mean to you?
20. How do you envision a calm, relaxing place?
21. How do you envision paradise?
22. What would be the ideal state of your homeland?

By no means do you need to answer all of the questions.  This list serves to create a multi-faceted, complex character that feels real and relatable.  Although it caters more to table top gamers, my fellow fan-fic writers and other artists can easily adapt certain terms to fit their needs.  The most important thing is to have fun.  My Deviantart is ArqethStoneweaver.  This is the only thing there as of this creation.  Scythe Song is my usual gamer tag.  Enjoy.


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