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Yes I used the default GIMP sparklebrush. Sue me >:{

EDIT: Wow, over 6,000 faves :lol: Thanks, everyone!
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I wish Terrance were real. :D

I mean, just look at him!

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In my mind, mine are...and sometimes I imagine music videos that feature them when I listen to music.

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The same for canon characters

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All of my ocs are humans so I don't think they'd wreak too much havoc on the world

Also like so many of them are just complete turds so still some havoc
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Tbh I want two ocs real. Pupper Quantum And persona Tristin >>
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Actually I wouldn't,I like them made up
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Sooo wish naruto, sakura, saske, ash ketchum, lucy heartfilia, natsu & (all em others) to be real!!
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My OCs...

A talking eyeball in a lolita-goth outfit who hallucinates when stressed

A shape-shifting kitsune whos skin chips off if she uses her powers too much

A bird who has his eye burst into crystals out of his control

Yeah, they should totally exist! I am a dummy! 

(oh wow im an edgelord christ...)
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I would probably be killed by them.
In all honesty
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I'd give them hugs.

Lots and lots of hugs.
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I would if I could but I cant ;w;
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