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Moonlight Aura - handmade Amulet


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Kids in Storytelling

There's nothing more hideous than the sound of an adult who, without knowing how to sound like a child, imitates one for their own motive. There's something pathetic about such a lack of self awareness, and lack of awareness of a huge part of the real world. Children are the most stereotyped and abused figures in storytelling, being mouthpieces and tools for all manner of contrivance. Even those who stand up for minorities turn a blind eye to the overwhelmingly ignorant portrayal of this majority in media. I don't bring this up for political purposes, but, as always, in relation to quality of writing. To be a quality writer, you must unders


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#311 Inside of a Game Boy

2014 favs

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Lisa (Weird Science)

sculptures and the like

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Save the Trees - Grow Hemp


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pretty girls

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Interview with @GrotesqueDarling13

Macro Photography GrotesqueDarling13 ( is a passionate artist from Detroit. Her gallery is not only full of great macros but also a lot of other pieces of art from various mediums such as photography, drawings, artisan crafts and more! In this interview we get to learn more about her passion for Macro photography... 1.- What is Macro for you?    Macro to me is almost like stepping outside the world we see every day to really take in the worlds that are over looked more then they are seen. Its always an adventure, something beautiful is always waiting to be found. 2.- What made you decide to start Macro Photography?     I always found Macr

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Pose study 116 FOX GIRLS!!!

guides and references

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Moonlight Aura - handmade Amulet

crafts n merch

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Born this Way

conceptuals and installations

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Doughty Street, London

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radiating from the centers

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Monsters Galore

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A Stormy Evening Over The Center Of Warsaw

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