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"This company is an "umbrella" company for IT ventures, so it doesn't really have its own products, but is a stable for various IT innovation. Hence, the target audience is investors, corporate partners, etc.

The brand should convey:
- confidence
- optimism
- innovation
- youthful vibrance

We would *prefer* the brand to focus on wording/lettering, rather than having any graphical logo, BUT we're not rigid on this. If you can come up with a good, *original* graphical logo we'd happily consider it. It's just our experience that the type of brand we have in mind is more about the wording/lettering.

Think Intel, SAP, IBM, Lenovo, Cisco, Nokia, Fedex, Ericsson, Google, PayPal..."

What do you think? I tried to keep it simple. Even though some of my inhouse feedback warned me that those "e" characters could be mistaken for an "a", I still bet on that shape. I'm a stubborn motherf&#!+!!

Please let me know, your feedback is important.
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This logo is really neat and clean. I love the color combination, and the font looks stunning. Did you make the font or can it be found on the internet?
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Good work, Thanks for sharing...
You Can Download Free PSD Logo Templates From: ❤❤❤
It's Exclusive, Check it. :)
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Hi arpad, I want to buy this logo mock ups. What is the cost? Without the logo.
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Wonderful work,
You can also find Free PSD Logo Templates renewed daily here:
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Dear arpad, it's a very appealing and simple design. Yet very clever executed. Why?
The dark blue background color is always associated with tranquility, business and technology. It's easy on the eyes of the viewer. The white logotype grotesk conveys clarity, confidence and dynamic due to it's slight oblique/italic nature of the constructed font. Following "Keep it simple stupid". Now to the clever part I mentioned, innovation - you put it into the grass green vibrant lively arrow above the X, while being so clever to part the X into a left/right, up/down arrow to subliminally convey innovation and thinking out of the box into all directions, that's perfect! I really like it!

I hope the customer saw that too!
can i know which font you used?
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awesome its looks very good
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realy nice and fresh logo :) n1 idea
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P.S. when i first saw this i read aphex :D
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if you used a font on the picture can you please tell me it's name? Thanks...
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very nice logo, congrats (:
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this really caught my eye, awesome work. Would you be interested in designing a brand for my new venture? Please let me know what you would charge for logo design + color scheme + iconic graphic (similar treatment for ephex). Thanks!

Josh (
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this is the winner? they most be blind
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Great branding keep it up :)
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Great logo design :)

carried in Cruzine: [link]
Read it as an 'E', and as someone who is in the IT ventures space, I think it's an Excellent logo. Did the company accept it?
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No, can you believe that? LOL
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nice work...
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