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Often typeface - beta version

By arpad
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see it bigger

Finally, I'm releasing Often for beta testing. Lots of special characters missing, kerning pairs and ligatures because I want this to go to fonts(dot)com and fontshop(dot)com, and be my first commercial font.

THIS FONT IS NOT FOR COMMERCIAL USE (websites, logos, banners, books, etc)**

if these rules aren't followed, I'll be forced to take my own measures.

This project means a lot to me and so it does the feedback from you.

Thank you all,
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its perfect... really a good job, perfect for simple design over white!!!!! i need to download to try it more, but look prety cool, maybe you can open to creatuve commonds to share whit others designs, logos and websites. but maybe its no the time, really thanks, and keep doing jobs like these! test test 100 1001 0101 0 10 1k sdjskfjskjf jsdkf js kjfsjaskjf ak fkajsfkjas kfjajfkjask f asfaj skfjsa kfk as fkja skjfkjas fjks jkkj a fsjkasjk jkfkajsfkas jaskjfjkas jkfaks jfjkaskj fa kjsfkjasfja ksfjas kfjaskfa j sk fj asfkjaksfa ksfkask fjkasfasjfkajs a sf aksfjaksfj askfj aksfj asf a asfasfasf
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get over yourself click baiter

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i want it please. its beatifull font
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Okay, so.. how do we download it?
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Would love to know if you decide to sell it.
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Must be click bait as there is no way to download it.
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Beautiful! Thank you!
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That's an awesome font, great work :)
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Who can send me this font for a scketch?
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Where is download link?
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Where is the download link :(
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where's the download link?? :(
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