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Often tf - beta version POSTER

download OFTEN typeface

this is my never-ending type project Often. My first drawings were inspired by Albert-Jan Pool's DIN typeface (which was a redesign of the german DIN 1941) and the bestseller Gill Sans by Eric Gill.

I tried to smooth and blend the harsh and letterhead style of DIN with the elegancy and roundness of Gill Sans.

Hope you like it, feedback appreciated. Thanks.

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its great work, It looks really great , i like the varition for the DIN type, i see a problem with (w and i), but is work with eacch letter.
also the "w" have some strange, space between letters is very little
but in generally looks very elegant and sober
can be used for websites or publishing projects, moves well in both media
I also see a small score he looks great
I prefer the regular style, this well-balanced
numbers have a technological aspect
compositionally typography is very balanced and adapted to any type of project
is posible download the type?
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nice! would be awesome if I could actually use this
perfectly beautyful
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Any chance of getting special characters in this font? I LOVE it and use it on my site ( but some of my artists have foreign names with accents and it breaks with this font. 
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No link... Shame, I wanted to use this. :(
Please reupload the link is broken. thanks
Beautiful work!!! Thanks.
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Beautiful work my friend !
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@Mr Jeje
I was to post same comment !!
i want this font!
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I faved this a very long time ago. Now that I have my own computer, I can't even download this.
This makes me sad.

Why was the download link removed?
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I really like this font!
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