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My Bio

Hello Folks !

And welcome to my humble site !!!

I don't pretend to be a complete artist but I've trying for fun :):):)!

I can use some 3d softwares (mainly Poser 4 but also Second Life and into trying XNA) and other 2d softwares (Paint, Muro and Photoshop) and still learning about them !! And I don't know how my site will be turn in future:sneeze:.


This site will be organising and growing with my moment inspirations and my moods (sentiments). So please be patient and indulgent;) !

Welcome again, and remember : just having fun !!!:D

Just a little note (as disclaimer)

In my gallery and my favorites folders, you can found some nudity, sexual and fetish situations : They all marked mature and concerned only 18+ persons in theses intercourses. If you even have some problems with them, please just ignore them and/or my site and I will not asking you any questions. In the another way, if I found some images in the Net, I will put in my founded net folders , in my gallery, with all credits for the author(s) and/or website if it's possible.

An another little note : English is not my usual language, so forgive me in advance if I make some errors, another mistakens and misunderstoods. This is the reason I make corrections every day in my site and the dictionnary is always near to me.

And for the last point

This site is mine and depends only of my own judgement. It given graciouselly to me by Deviantart and ,in reciprosity, I will respect the terms of service (TOS) of Deviantart and only these rules. I can accept only constructive and wise critics, but not rubbish language and crybaby behavior (nonononono !!! don't make a fool of yourself).

So if you don't accept these terms, well, it's only your problem:nod: :nod:

Friendly, and have a nice day πŸ˜‰

Favourite Visual Artist
Vermeer, Turner, Van Gogh, Marcel Duchamp
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Beatles, Roling Stones, Led Zeppellin, Nirvana, Oasis, Genesis and classical
Hello folks and followers. Today, I have reorganize my gallery. It was take time, but I finnished this job at last ! All it in order here !:)

We continue

We continue

Can we continue here ??? Anyhow have a reasons, many reasons to have to not to continue here ??? have we have to have a continuity ?? To continue to make some art whatever what kind of art and to the reason to exist here ?? How profund these existantial questions are !!! Many questions asked here ??? and many are so silly...silly, silly, silly ! It my journal and I have the right to express my silly mind ! But I have a certain certitude !!! I don't know, but I know that i know !!! I decided to continue my works here , and I accept the consequences of my own acts !!! I know i can displeasure for someones, but it's my reason to talk to them about me my self and I, what the reason I lived, live and will live here and my feelings, as an normal human being !! They have the right to appreciate me or not ! Just for said that πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š Sorry to be silly !

Sorry for this light disturbance !

Sorry for this light disturbance !

Hello folks ! 😊 Whew !!! at last !!! It was a long time I was abscent here because its was arrived a little incident : I was unfortunatelly susprended from DeviantArt by mistake. It was taken one month to be return here but, thankfully, the staff of DA have just corrected the situation. Appearentelly, it was due to a high level of spamming in my region and their system flagged me as spammer by error. I want to thank the member of the staff (The Squid) of DeviantArt to be kind to response to my tickets, and the administration to have corrected this situation and have reactivated my present account. And also I want to thank them to offer me a three month Core membership as compensation for this inconveniant. So now... After one month of abscence, I will have a lot of working here : reorganize my gallery folders, found new favorites, re-establish my network of friends and to rewrite some journals . It will take time , so please be patient πŸ˜‰! It's great to come back and to see all

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Cheers for the Watch :-)

Oh LardLordy !!! You my best love villan (with Auntie) !!!😍😘

051 Auntie

Aw thankee!

And please, just 'Lardy'...

Appreciate the fave!

Namaste πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

My great pleasure πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰!!!

Thank you SO much for watching my page! :heart:

All the pleasure is for me , my dear Curia (Denise) !!!😊😘