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Wish in the Stars

After the house was left behind them, nothing more than a whisper on the wind, all nervous energy left Mercutio who seemed to deflate without his anxious buzz. He wrapped his tail around Salvador’s, coiled tight like an affectionate furry python.
“They'll be okay.” Sal reassured him, despite his own lack of confidence in his words.
Mercutio - beautiful, faithful, trusting Mercutio- just smiled softly in return, not fully believing his words but having faith in his friend even when Salvador does not. In the face of a flood of emotions, Salvador cleared his throat and turned his gaze to the path ahead.
“Where are we heading then?” He asked instead.
Mercutio smile widened, eyes glittering with mischief.
“It's a surprise.” He whispered softly, voice barely audible “We better hurry if we want to get there in time.”
With a small laugh he unwound his tail and rushed off into the wilderness.

A head start - no matter how big - has nothing on natural speed and size and so it did not take long for Salvador to catch up with his husband. Mercutio continued to giggle as he was gently pounced upon, papping his husbands face with his smaller paws as he tried to get free. After playfully wrestling - extremely gently on Salvador’s part - the two returned on their journey, talking softly about whatever nonsense and gossip came to their minds, catching up on petty and insignificant things that they hadn't had a chance to talk about since adopting Harper - despite the joy such topics would bring. There's simply not time to discuss who Sarah down the road is dating this week while trying to maintain a small farm, household and stopping your child from attempting to take on the local bandits on his own.
They began to leave the open plains and wandered into one of the forests that dotted Sunset Seaside. Something about the direction that Mercutio was leading them that felt very familiar to Salvador… He just couldn't quite pin it down. Nevertheless, he trusted his husband fully - and should there be any trouble, well Salvador was capable of handling it. The warmth of the sun began to wane slowly as it made its way across the final stretch of the sky. Apart from a short break in a lovely, cozy café for lunch, the two had not stopped walking since they left their home that morning. Where ever Mercutio was taking them, it was further than Salvador has originally anticipated.
Only once the sun was almost gone and the sky had grown dark did it seem like they were finally reaching their destination. Mercutio seemed to slow his steps for but a moment before finding a sudden burst of energy and all but dragging Salvador behind him and through the thickets. The trees and brambles eventually parted, revealing a beautiful meadow, the flowers that were no doubt in bloom closed up for the night as the stars twinkled peacefully in the sky above.
Salvador couldn't help but chuckle when he realised just where they were.
“Our meadow.” He chuckled as he pressed his forehead against his husband's.
“It gets better,” Mercutio whispered back, pulling his head away to gently tug Salvador towards the small hill in the center of the meadow. “I heard tonight there's a higher chance of seeing shooting stars.”
The two settled down of the peak of the incline where they would have the best view, Mercutio’s head resting on the shoulder of Salvador as he stared up at the sky.
“Until I met you,” Salvador said after a few moments of companionable silence, his voice rather soft like he was admitting a deep secret. “I never saw the appeal of stars or star gazing. They were nothing more than a way to navigate at night or a sign that we should stop for the night. But you changed that. All those nights as kids where you would tell me every story or fact you knew about the stars, I can't help but think about them when I look at the stars.”
He paused for a moment, taking a silent breath before turning to look down at his childhood friend and husband before continuing.
“You changed my mind on a lot of things and opened my eyes to so many more. Until I met you, I had never thought of a life outside of the caravans, I hadn't thought there was a life for me out there aside from the one I had been born into. But I realised - after I had returned to find you missing, that I didn't want you to join me in the caravans, what I had always wanted was to settle down--with you.”
Finally, he finished what he had wanted to say for a very long time, feeling slightly winded after saying more than he usually would at any given time.
“Oh Salvador…” Mercutio breathed softly before tackling his husband into a teary kiss. “I - You-” He cut himself off, breaking into a breathy laugh. “You changed my life too you big sap. You gave me courage to be more than what my parents wanted of me. I have never loved someone like I love you. I never wanted children until you showed me that they were more than an obligation to my bloodline.”
That gave Salvador a reason to pause.
“You… Never wanted kids? But you seemed happy when I suggest adopt, I thought it was a good way to ease you into the idea of having kids of our own.”
Mercutio bristled at that.
“Harper is our child Salvador, don’t you dare imply otherwise.”
“He is, I didn’t mean to imply anything like that. What I meant is a child that came from us.”
It was Mercutio’s turn to pause and recoil, eyes darting between the two of them. Was he… Missing something?
“But we can’t make children.”
“Not the way you are obviously thinking. But we can make a wish egg.”
“But- We shouldn’t! Wish egg children are weak and will die!”
“Mer…” Salvador’s voice went soft. “Who told you that?”
He hesitated for a moment, unwilling to part with such information. But eventually he spoke.
“Mother and Rosaline mostly… But the rest of the family agreed with them. They said it was why I was weak and why I have my… ‘Lopdiemis touched’ eyes.”
“Well that’s just another thing they’re wrong about. Being wishborn doesn’t make you weak. Aro claims to have come from a wish egg, is she weak?”
“.... No she’s not…”
“There’s your proof then.”
Salvador wrapped his tail around his husband, gently inviting him to nuzzle back into his side - which Mercutio did indeed do after a few moments. But the smaller male remained quiet, obviously muling over what he had just been told. Salvador didn’t mind. Instead he just moved to rest his chin on top of his head, closing his eyes and taking a moment to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere while Mercutio organised his thoughts and feelings. A few determined song birds still sung their cheery choruses but for the most part they were drowned out by the howls, roars and barks of the night time predators who were beginning to awake. Luckily for them, Sunset Seaside’s predators consisted mostly of foxes and other small creatures who were unlikely to attack a lone Kamishiba - let alone two of them. He’d keep the two of them safe.
“Would… Do you want another child?” Mercutio whispered, barely audible over the night time symphony.
“It crossed my mind when we adopted Harper but I am happy with just the one child for now.”
Mercutio let out a small, disappointed noise which made Salvador rethink the meaning behind that question.
“Do you want more children Mercutio?”
“I… I’ve thought about it… A large family sounds nice…”
“Then that’s what we’ll work towards. One step at a time.” He promised
“Really? You… Don’t mind?”
“Of course I don’t, Love. I want you to be happy. Not to mention, a large family does sound nice.”
Mercutio beamed up at him, white teeth and fur practically glowing in the moonlight. Leaning down, Salvador gently kissed Mercutio- just as two stars shot across the sky unseen by the two lovebirds.

Word Count:1,383

Previous: The Magic of Stories
Beginning: The Unwanted Stranger

The finale of this short storyline. But I am far from done with stories or these boys. More... Shall come... Eventually.

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oh gosh Aro this is so precious ;//U//; and the story <3 
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<3 <3 precious boys
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Looks really nice 😉
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Wink wink ;) Thank you!!